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How long do I have to complete my NQT year?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Emily4, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Induction can indeed be undertaken in the private sector but not all private schools offer it.
    After using up the 16 month supply allowance, you can apply for an LA extension and/or seek work int he private sector (any age group). There is no supply limit or other restriction on tecahing in the private sector as it is not even obligatory to have QTS to be a teacher there!
    A well regarded Head of a top private school took early retirement a few years ago and tried to offer his services as a teacher in the State sector. He was unsuccessful as he didn't have QTS.
  2. I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice. I am currently mentoring an NQT who has been with us covering a Mat leave since the start of the school year in September. The lady on Mat leave has recently announced that she will be returning on the 4th July, leaving my NQT 2 and a half weeks short of completing her NQT year. I was wondering how this will affect her and whether she would still be classed as completing the whole year. She has even offered to work the last 2 1/2 weeks voluntarily to ensure she gets the NQT year completed. Does anyone know if she would be able to do this?
  3. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I think if you speak to the LA you may be allowed to pass her (there is a 29 day 'shortage allowance' for sickness etc but I think under special circumstances induction can be shortened by up to these 29 days) x
  4. Me and a colleague are in the same situation. It says in the NQT guidance that NQT can be shortened by up to 29 days if the NQT agrees to do so, if the NQT is on a temporary contract, no allowing him/her to continue induction in the same school, if the NQT has met all the core standards. She cant work on a voluntary basis as a contract is needed for induction so the 29 days is the only option. Your HT needs to contact the person in charge of NQT at your LA to put it in place!
  5. Hi
    The NQT statutory guidance would allow a LA to reduce the induction period by up to 29 days in exceptional circumstances (and an inability to extend a contract could apply here). The LA must be contacted in advance of the final assessment and their agreement sought. The person must meet all the induction standards. It would be wise to contact the LA induction adviser now and ask what their procedure is and how and when you can apply as a school on the bahlf of the NQT.
  6. Any advice would be appreciated:
    I completed my PGCE Primary last year and have been working as a supply teacher since September. My 4 term time limit will end in December. I don't know what to do as my supply work has dried up, even with 3 agencies, and I can't afford to live like this for much longer. I live in a competitive area, the north-east of England, and so getting a job to start my NQT year is hard. I have not even started yet. Question is do I apply for an extension even though I can't afford to do it anymore and I get anxious waiting for that call? Can I ask for an extension in a year or two or does it have to be immediate? I'm guessing the later. I understand I can still apply for jobs outside of this period but it's unlikely I'll get a job when not in the profession when I couldn't when actually employed. I also don't agree that other jobs in the profession is helpful as I worked TA in one school for 3 month and went to an interview. They were not impressed that I had spent my time in this role. It may work if a job came up in the same school but it is equally likely they will still not employ you. This has happened to some friends. Also TA jobs are as equally cometitive where I live. 150 applicants for a typical teaching job. I feel stuck inbetween a rock and a hard place and no idea what to do.
  7. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    If you do not apply for an extension then you can't respond to any supply opportunity that does crop up. This may be short sighted as the main recruitment period for NQTs will be Spring term 2012 and you need to be available for this. If you are not going to work as a teacher then you do not need an extension but you do need to ensure the employment gap is explained fully on your application.
  8. I am in the same boat as many on here. I plan to relocate to London to do my NQT year to be with my long term girlfriend (long distance relationships are hard work!) but I need to do supply in my city where I live now in order to raise the funds to move.

    Now, my question may sound like a stupid one but it isn't clear to me, does the 16 month period cover term time only? Or is it simply 16 calender months from the date when I start supply teaching? It seems unfair to count months in the school holidays as they cannot be used as active teaching time.

    Also, as a side question, as I wasn't succesful in gaining a permanent position for this academic year, my partner has surprised me with a trip to New York for my 30th birthday, although she got the term dates mixed up in her area and the holiday is planned for the last week of Jan/first week of Feb. Will this hinder my chances of gaining a full time position in North London, should I apply for jobs now, or would it be better off to do supply until after the holiday?

    Many thanks for taking the time to read this message and for the information within the thread. It's been really informative where info has been sketchy at best from other sources. You're all brilliant!

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