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How long do I have to complete my NQT year?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Emily4, Jul 16, 2009.

  1. I graduated last year and looked for jobs then but was unsuccessful. I looked again when new jobs came up and kept applying but got nowhere. So I was working in a coffee shop until Easter time. I would have supplied but as I live in a rural area and can't drive it wasn't an option. I have been learning to drive since I returned from uni last July and booked a test for April this year. Wanting to be organised I contacted the supply agency for my area when I knew my test was booked and began registering with them. They offered me a 5 week contract as a TA in a local school and so I jumped at the chance and quit my job at the coffee shop. Unfortunately I failed my driving test and it took ages for me to become fully registered and cleared with the agency. It wasn't until the beginning of June when I was completely cleared. I haven't been contacted about work since as none has come up suitable to my very narrow criteria. I am still learning to drive and have booked another test. I'm just very worried that already one year of my NQT years has gone and I now feel in a worse situation than I was last year. I have had one interview so far for a teaching job but it was clear that they had already made up their minds before I got in there. However, I loved the experience and was buzzing after I'd taught my activity. I know I am meant to be a teacher it is what I really want to do. I am just very scared that I am running out of time.
    So my real questions are:
    What conditions go with doing supply as an NQT?
    How long do I have to complete my NQT year?
    And what happens if I don't complete it in that time?

    Thanks for any advice
  2. Hi
    Don't worry about a time limit on completing your NQT year, there isn't one, there used to be a rule that induction had to be completed within 5 years of starting induction, but that rule no longer exists.
    There is a rule over supply work. There is a 16 month limit on supply work for teachers who have not completed induction. The clock starts ticking on the 16 months on the day that you do your first supply work, NOT when you register with an agency. If you have not completed any supply work in a school then you have the full sixteen months left to you. If you are on supply and they find you a contract, even daily, that lasts for at least a term and involves teaching more or less the same timetable each week, then that is an inductable period of work and the school you are woreking in would have to put you through induction.
    Hope this sets your mind at rest.
  3. Thank you so much. That is a huge relief! You have made my day! [​IMG]

  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Just to expand on the information from James .... if the first teaching you do is temporary but is for at least a term (whether f/t or p/t) and is thus part of Induction, it does not eat into your 16 month supply allowance. that only counts down from the very first day of non-Induction supply that you do.
    An Induction term does not have to start at the beginning of a school term, as some Heads will claim. It can start at any point in a term as long as it is known form the outset (or from a later point) that you will still be teaching there at the same point in the following term. Don't let a school suggest that they employ you initially without Induction and then register you as an NQT ready for the start of the next term. Starting Induction as soon as it is possible will speed up your Induction, especially if a booking from mid Oct to mid feb then gets extended and allows another Induction term to be started/completed. you also get your 10% timetable reduction which you don't get if employed as a supply teacher if you are not registered, by the school,with the LEA as an NQT

  5. Thanks that really helps. It's a very tricky topic and everyone I'd spoken to kept saying lots of different things. At least now I have it written down and I can refer back to it when I eventually get a job!

    Thank you again
  6. Hi,
    I have managed to do one term NQT induction but my contract then ran out at my school. I did 2 or 3 days supply before the end of term through agencies. However, I have been offered a job abroad for 5 months working in a children's centre but it won't have anything to do with my NQT year. Will this 'time out' be seen as in my 16 month supply period or can this 16 month period be 'paused' if I'm not doing supply in the UK? Does this make sense?

    Any advice would be great.
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16 month allowance cannot be 'paused'. It will run out for any NQT exactly 16 months after the first ever day of non-Induction teaching, irrespective of how much teaching is done in the 16 months. It would expire after 16 months even if an NQT only did that first day of work and got no more bookings.
    After the 16 months are 'up' and Induction is still not completed, you either need an extension from your LA (or LAs), which can be anything up to 12 more months, or you cannot teach in the State 5-16 sector unless on Induction.

  8. Jubilee is right, the 16 months cannot be paused.
  9. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    I'm currently on a 6 month Maternity cover, and am concerned about what will happen once i finish at this school - once i've started my NQT do I have 16 months to complete it from the date i finish this placement? Or did the 16 months start at the beginning of this term?
    I'm worried i won't get a job till September, or worse - what if i can't get one?! aaah! lol.
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16 months is not connected to the time you have to complete Induction (thre's no time limit for that). It's to do with how long you can be employed on non-
  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16 month rule has nothing to do with how long you have to complete Induction (there is no time limit for that). It's to do with how long you can be employed in the State 5-16 sector on non-Induction teaching when you haven't started or haven't completed Induction.
    You pinpoint the first day that you do of non-Induction teaching and count on 16 months from that day. If you haven't started or completed Induction at that point you can only carry on taking teaching work in a State 5-16 school if :
    a) it's an Induction post OR
    b) you have applied for and been awarded an extension by the LA where you wish to take non-Induction teaching (anything below a term's length). An LA can award up to another 12 months or may deny your request. You need an extension from each LA where you wish to take supply work.
    Without an extension or an Induction post, or when an extension has also run out and you don't have Induction work lined up, you cannot teach in the State 5-16 sector UNTIL you secure an Induction post. You can teach in Under 5's (State), Post 16 (State) or any age in the private sector.

    If this maternity cover is your very first qualified teaching, you haven't even started your 16 month allowance yet.
    If you did non-Induction , qualified teaching before the maternity cover, the 16 months counts down from the very first day of that non-Induction work.
  12. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    Oh i see, so if i was to finish this Mat cover, and then found getting another job really hard- there's no time limit on how long I have to do that?
    Because i started supply last year in January and did that until July, so my supply 16 months has actually started.
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Correct, lillipad.
    If you have to wait 2 years or 20 years before securing your final Induction work, that's OK. What you cannot do is carry on taking non-Induction teaching in the Stae 5-16 sector once your 16 months (+ any extension) is up.
    As you started non-Induction supply in Jan 2008, your 16 month allowance expired in May 2009. Therefore, when you are nearing the end of your maternity cover and don't have an Induction post lined up elsewhere, you will need to apply for an extension from your LA and any nearby LAs where you are prepared to take work. Hopefully, you will get the full 12 month extension and you can then take non-induction supply and/or Induction work to keep you in the teaching workforce
  14. This thread has really put my mind at ease in some ways as I thought there was a limit on how long I have to complete my NQT year; there is some great and useful advice here [​IMG]
    Although,I have been supply teaching for a year now and haven't had an ounce of luck finding even temporary teaching vacancies. I am really concerned as I was offered a term teaching a class after a successful day supply teaching at a primary school and was promised help with my Induction etc.
    However, I was not offered any support or guidance when it actually came to my teaching and when I even suggested the dreaded lesson observations in regards to my NQT year it was not considered as important. I was not even certain of what my induction consisted of. Is it a case of 'tough it's too late now?'
    I only have 4 months to find myself a job and it is extremely scary with how unlucky I have been with the job searching.
    Scary stuff [​IMG]xx

  15. If you reach the 16 month limit you can apply to the LA (oer LAs) that you normally work in for an extension of up to 12 more months of supply work. If you can show that you have had no success in finding an inductable post they are likely to grant such an extension.
    If a school employs you for at least a term it must provide support, a mentor and a reduced timetable - that is statutory and your legal entitlement. If they canbnot provide this then they should not employ a NQT.
  16. greengirl57

    greengirl57 New commenter

    Hello James, can you give me some advice regarding my NQT induction? I know about the 16 month time limit as I started my first supply day in March last year, which gives me until July this year to do any further supply work. I take it after this time limit, I shall have to apply for jobs but only as an NQT and not take on any further supply roles. Are there any other school type roles I could do, such as learning mentor, teaching assistant etc? Also about part-time induction? say, for two days a week, how would this work out if I could persuade a school to take me on as a part time NQT? what could I say to the school for instance? any advice will be greatly appreciated.
  17. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    If your in induction (part time) you can do supply on the other days without worrying about an extension. You can do other none teaching jobs as an alternate option also. x
  18. I am so pleased that I found this discussion! I was given VERY wrong information, so after all my stress and panic, my mind is finally at ease!
    I completed my SCITT in July 2010. I was under the impression that I had 16 months from that point to begin my induction year!! If I had not 'banked' at least a term of my induction year within that time frame, I would not be allowed to teach ever again!!
    Now I understand the situation more fully. As yet, I have not managed to secure a full term of work. I began working as a supply teacher in October, which means that I have expended 4 months of my 16 month supply allowance. If, after 16 months I still have not started my induction year, I cannot continue to rely on supply teaching in the meantime. At that point I can either request an extension or I can consider a non-teaching job...
    But regardless of what I choose to do, I can still apply for teaching jobs as there is no time limit for me to complete my induction year!
    Hallelujah, I'm so glad that has been cleared up!
    Everyone, thank you so much for helping me to understand!
  19. welshwizard

    welshwizard Established commenter Forum guide

    Most LA's are pretty OK at granting extensions but you must ensure to apply before the 16 months elapse. Do beware of the placements that offer induction but do not deliver. Any class teaching of a term should count towards induction and it is in your best interests to push for that.
  20. Hello James,

    All this info has been very informative. However I have just two questions
    1) Can I complete my induction year in a private school?
    2) If after my 16month supply period is over can I work in a private school?

    Any help would be appreciated.

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