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How long did you have off?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by poppymolly, Jan 10, 2011.

  1. My baby is 10 weeks old now and I'm loving being off with her, but recently I've had to start thinking about when I might return to work. Maternity pay is so rubbish and I know that I won't be able to have more than 6 months off. It will be a huge struggle for us to even get to 6 months!
    How soon did you go back to work? x
  2. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    I had 9 months off - i went back in Feb last year when my son was 7.5 months old. I was only able to have that long off because i'd saved and also sold my expensive car and got a much cheaper one.
    My 2nd is due at the end of April so i'll go off at the Easter hols and have a year off. It works out a bit better this time as a shared loan my husband and I had has been paid off, and i finish a loan in Sept. There's no point in me going back sooner anyway as i'll be paying childcare for 2 kids!
    Will you go back full or part time?
    Enjoy the leave you do have and make the most of it. x
  3. i was only going to be able to afford 13weeks/3 months with my LO, but my family have given me enough money for my christmas/birthday presents that i can now have 16 weeks/4 months
  4. Every situation is different.
    1 friend: They don't have much money but she didn't go back to work or only went back to her secretary work part-time. Maybe they lived off bare minimum and all the benefits??
    2nd friend: He's a teacher, she's an accountant. She put baby in nursery after 4 months and went back full time.
    My situation: I am due end of August. I am going to save every penny i've got, do what ever I can so I can have as long as possible with baby. I'll definitely have the 39 weeks SMP (takes me up to about May 2012) as we have been saving and because we have such a tiny house, our outgoings are not huge. I will return most probably soon after that. If I can stretch it out until end of June/July 2012, I will. I will then get paid that summer holiday.
    Do whatever you've got to do though, there's no right or wrong. If I have the energy too, I'll try and start tutoring. Don't forget you'll get up to 10 paid 'keep in touch' days. If you got paid say £80 for the day and times that by 10 days, then that's £800 you can earn during your ML without it affecting your leave.

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