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How long did it take you?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by PinkPup, Feb 1, 2011.

  1. I know everyone is different, but I am intrigued to know how long it has taken people to conceive? We are on our second month of ttc and i am finding it so difficult to think about anything else! [​IMG] Does it get easier as the months go by? or worse?
  2. natalie27

    natalie27 New commenter

    We are just starting our 10th month of TTC. I thought I would get caught straight away and it would get easier each month but believe me it doesn't.
  3. I came off the pill in Dec 2009 and conceived Nov 2010. At the beginning we weren't really, really trying, but then realised I needed to start looking at dates etc. Once I knew my dates, I would say it took about 7 months. To be honest, I'm quite realistic and was one of those people that don't get too excited quickly and although I knew some can conceive quicker than others, I had in my head about a year before I would start to worry.
    Funnily enough, went to the doctors at the beginning of Dec 2010 and told him that I was trying and we were ready to do the tests to test what was going on etc, a few days later.... found out I was pregnant! Cliche but the minute I started to relax, it happened.
    There's a ttc thread on this first page which may be of interest to you. Good luck PinkPup x
  4. I'm currently on cycle 11 of ttc and still no luck. Have been to GP and my bloods all came back normal, so now it's OH's turn! I always thought I'd get pregnant really quickly (about 3 months), but you just never know. Fertility is such a tricky thing! Good luck x
  5. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    The first time (aged 38) was the only time we hadn't taken precautions.
    The second time (age 39) again, the only time we hadn't taken precautions.
    The third time (aged 41) took me 13 months.
    This time, (again aged 41) two months.

    There's no rhyme nor reason to fertility at all. Best of luck xxx
  6. I fell pregnant the first time we tried but it came as a total shock as i had convinced myself it would take ages i.e. at least a year or so. OH and I decided we would start trying in Dec but during the summer hols we decided to throw caution to the wind and enjoy sex without protection! I'm sure this relaxed approach and not 'trying' was what made it happen for us. Good luck to all TTC.
  7. My story is very similar to FunkyDelly, was planning to start trying in Dec but threw caution to the wind in Nov 2010 as had convinced myself it would take at least 6 months and fell pregnant straight away. Very very lucky
  8. Hi we started trying beginning of Dec and got my BFP last week xx
  9. It took us about 5 months of trying. I started to get a little concerned and obsessed as I am 35 and thought that there was something wrong. Went to doctors because after 6 months aged 35 or over that is what they recommend and then 2 days later found out I was pregnant (similar to Dannii's story).
    I know how frustrating and consuming it can be. You start to think it will never happen but then it just does. If at all possible do try and relax about it (my husband would laugh if he read this as I certainly wasn't!) as it is meant to be fun! I do think the month we were successful was the month we did it less but it was quality over quantity!
    Good luck PinkPup
  10. I came off the pill in July last year and am still trying - my hubby revealed at Xmas that he'd had both testicles operated on as a child (both undescended) so alarm bells started ringing and we had an SA done first week of January and found he has extremely low sperm count and poor motility (waiting for second lot of results to confirm it wasn't a freak occurence).
    I found it did get slightly easier each month (until we found out about sperm count) because my expectations of conceiving lowered as time went by just because I became more pessimistic about it all. It's not an easy path, don't wait too long before seeking help if it doesn't happen for you - the worst the doctor can do is tell you you've come to see him too soon and to come back in a few more months.
  11. I've just remembered that during our successful month, it was the
    only month that I really thought I wouldn't have conceived as we did it once
    early on in the cycle and once near the end (we had always did it
    regularly during the 'ovulating' time during the middle days/weeks) and
    yet we found to be successful.
    Similar to what someone else said, fertility can be so random.
  12. Been trying sine February 2009-so 2 years now and still nothing. :( as far as we know nothing's wrong just taking ages. T xx
  13. Just entering cycle 22. We have both got fertility issues. I thought it'd only take 6 months ;)
  14. toeinwater

    toeinwater New commenter

    In 11th month of trying without any luck. I'd say I probably had banked on 6 months to get pg. Personally, from what I recall, I think the first 2 or 3 months were bad (as far as obsessing was concerned) followed by a more relaxed couple of months til 6 months. once 6 months had passed I started getting really stressed (which I know doesn't help) and really feel that the pressure is on and that I'm failing as a human being!
  15. 14 months and counting....
  16. 18 months of trying and some upset on the way. x
  17. nawoods

    nawoods New commenter

    Came off the pill in April 2010. Took a couple of months for my cycle to become regular. Got pregnant in November. Had mc in December. Trying again this month so fingers crossed. I really thought it would only take a couple of months and I know for a lot of people that's all it takes.
  18. becky70

    becky70 Occasional commenter

    Been trying four years now but without success.
  19. 3 years and 2 cycles of IVF.
    Went to see GP after a year of trying- he was very helpful and we were lucky that the problem was diagnosed quickly.
    Can't believe we now have a beautiful baby girl.
  20. Wow, it sounds as if we were very lucky. First month trying and I was pregnant. 3 months along now and so sick.

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