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How long before speeding ticket arrives after being clocked by a mobile speed camera?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by anon1359, Oct 4, 2009.

  1. I think I've been clocked by a mobile speed camera. I only noticed what it was as I drew next to it doing 77 mph on a dual carriageway! Does anyone know how long it will before I get a ticket in the post or when I can know they missed me?
  2. rach1968

    rach1968 New commenter

    It usually arrives within a week but occasionally 2. I think they have to ensure it is delivered to you within 4 weeks.
  3. Which road was it on, and what vehicle were you in? The speed limit would be 60 mph on a dual carriagway wouldnt it?
  4. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

  5. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    on a single lane at national speed limit it would be 60

    but a DUEL carriageway would be 70 with national speed limit.
  6. TC7


    You might get away with it......but usually within a week .....I too am waiting for one as I forgot yesterday that they usually sit at one end of our town or the other although throughout the summer they have been less agressive. Also it is countryside, so why 40mph? We are in the 'champagne' haha area of Northants so we have to top up their coffers as if I don't pay enough rates! I was miles away thinking about something and you go round a roundabout and up a hill and over the top.....hey guess what! So I was probably doing 47 in a 40mph limit. I was done about 5 years ago at the other end of our town at 47, I don't mind the fine but three years..............
  7. I think they have to have contacted you within two weeks of the 'offence', unless there are special circumstances - for instance you were driving a car not registered to you, or a company/rental etc so it would take them longer to find you. If they don't contact you within this time they can't take it any further. Cross your fingers!
  8. DUAL.
    Depending on the class of vehicle you are driving or whether you are towing a trailer or caravan.

  9. AFAICR it's two weeks unless there are extenuating circumstances. So fingers crossed - but do consider getting a speed camera warning device even though they can't do 'mobile' camera vans.
    I think you can get a basic Inforad device for under £40. Worth it even if it prevents one speeding fine.

  10. grandelf

    grandelf New commenter

    be interesting to see the OP doing 77 MPH towing anything or driving a HGV.
  11. Sunflower, Can you post a photo of your car or motorbike. please.
  12. SleighBelle

    SleighBelle Occasional commenter

    Or, y'know, just don't speed.... [​IMG]
  13. Sunflower, where was the camera van parked. was it in a safe but conspicuous position?
  14. I got one a few weeks ago too for doing 40mph in a 30. The blasted fixed camera was at the top of a hill so I went from going uphill (needs power) to going downhill and so the momentum of the car would have increased the speed until I braked, which was too late as by then the camera had flashed at me. They do it on purpose to rake in money to run services in these types of places.
    At 77mph in a 70mph speed limit, I am astounded that it flashed at you. Usually they give you a small percentage like 10% before they flash...are you sure it was only 77, not 87? Or you were doing 87 and braked down to 77?
  15. They have to get the ticket to you within 14 days of finding out you are the registered owner. It happened to me a year ago and I'd just bought the car. They took 3 months to find me and that's how I discovered how the 14 day rule works.
  16. I do not think that the cameras fitted in Police Vans actually "flash"
  17. Quite right and I fully agree. It isn't that simple though. I don't really want to get into a long discussion but it is easy for even a conscientious driver to be above the speed limit in an unfamiliar area or be confused by the often seemingly random speed limits applied to sections of road. There are lots of examples where I live.
  18. I can take a 15 mile trip from my town to the nearest big town and I will be going from 30 limit to unrestricted (national 60) then 40, then National, then 30, then 40, then National, then 30, then short stretch at 40. then national (dual carriageway) then 40 (but still on the dual carriageway) then national (dual carriageway) then finally 30.
  19. As I drive a little Nissa Micra the idea of me towing anything or drive something as large as a HGV did bring a smile to my face.
    Thanks for all the replies. It was 77 and I hadn't braked then, and I didn't see a flash, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It would be a **** end to a **** weekend visiting old friends and feeling completely left out of their new social circle.
  20. I dont think that the camera vans actually make a flash. Were the flaps in the back door of the van open?

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