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How is your setting introducing 15 hour free nursery entitlement for nursery children?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by FoundationStage!, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. We are also piloting the new 15 hour entitlement. Our hours are now 9-12 and 12.30 - 3.30. Both myself and my TA have been expected to increase our contact time and reduce our lunch breaks to 30 mins. We still have to attend staff meetings and I give parents evenings.
    We are surely both working well over our contracted hours! We are struggling to complete learning journeys, put displays up and plan together etc!!!
    Really don't know what the answer is as my HT just expects us to do it.
  2. Same as us then as we have just been expected to get on with it. Finding it increasingly difficult to keep up with all the paperwork and just getting further and further behind. Have parents evening coming up and working all hours of the night to get the children's learning journeys done.
    Have been thinking of how to offer the 15 hours and cant seem to work out a way of offering it to suit the parents and us. Lunch breaks are a nightmare to organise and planning is interesting to say the least.
    We are thinking of changing our hours for January but then our all day children will attend for 6 hours and 15 mins a day which over 2 days only leaves them with 2 and a half hours to take. This means i have to offer a 2 and a half hour session otherwise they will be having 15 and a half hours. This could mean we could have children coming and going at many different times during the day which starts another set of problems.This is causing so many headaches i just wish we had been told how we could introduce this into our setting rather than just being left to it.

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