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How is monthly maternity pay worked out?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by sxu01cms, Jun 17, 2019.

  1. sxu01cms

    sxu01cms New commenter

    Hi, my wage slips for my entire maternity pay are completely inaccurate, and payroll are refusing to help. I am trying to do the calculations to prove their errors, but I am unsure exactly how it is worked out if you were part time- is it daily for each day you work or spread out over the week?
  2. chevonanc

    chevonanc New commenter

    Hiya, maternity pay is calculated based on the previous 3 months pay so it doesn't actually matter if you are part time or full time. Ask them for a copy of your maternity pay schedule which should outline exactly how much you will be paid every month. Maternity pay is a bit difficult to work out if you don't know how your employer has structured it because it is calculated weekly rather than monthly. It is also worth checking your contract to see exactly what your Occupational Maternity pay entitlement is. Hope that helps x

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