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How is ICT taught at your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by paul_mc1, Aug 31, 2011.

  1. paul_mc1

    paul_mc1 New commenter

    I'm starting a new school next week (where has the time gone??????) and need to develop their ICT curriculum. Is ICT taught as a discrete subject through the topics and the focus is on pure ICT skills, or, where possible, is ICT integrated and used as a means to enhance the topic? Also, are there any pieces of software / programs that are essential in aprimary school? Thanks in advance for any help with this!
  2. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    ICT can be taught either through topics or discretely, but the first option makes it much more difficult to ensure that the necessary skills are being <u>taught</u>, and not just the repetition of using MS programs or internet to find and present information for other subjects - which does not teach the skills but is a trap it is very easy for inexperienced teachers or those lacking in confidence to fall into.
    In my opinion and experience the best ideal option is to have the skills taught discretely AND have those skills developed through use in other curriculum areas or topics. The most effective way to do this can be to have the person or persons (if you have them!) who cover PPA teach ICT in this time throughout the school.
    This not only means that people are not fighting for the use of equipment, as priority is always given to the PPA teacher but that the skills <u>will</u> be taught on a regular basis, and with a much higher degree of consistency throughout the school. If that person can also be the one that tracks and assesses then even better.
    This frees up class teachers to use ICT as much as they want or as little as they want (just make sure it isnt none at all!) within their curriculum, without it impacting on the standards negatively.
    In my previous school we were lucky enough to have this arrangement (and lucky enough to have an excellent qualified teacher for PPA) in all but one class - the class without the dedicated weekly skills lesson did significantly worse in their end of year assessment, despite it being 'taught' through topic work.
    In terms of what you need in school, you can get away with the basics but the more you have the more you can do. As a minimum for hardware I would suggest a set of laptops or a suite which can take a whole class in pairs (eg 15 pcs). Laptops are better as they are much more flexible - especially for UKS2 children who might be very squashed in a small suite.
    Software is as long as a piece of string! Go through your existing curriculum or the minimum NC requirements and see what you will need. Don't rush into buying software because it looks great on the box or the rep told you its the best thing since sliced bread. Talk to other schools or other ICT Co-ordinators and ask what they use, and what works. I once ordered a fantastic range of ICT software for over &pound;1000 only to find that our wireless system didnt have enough capacity and it simply didnt work!
    Sorry for the waffle - its one of those endless topics and I'm sure you will get lots of other differing but equally brilliant [​IMG] ideas too!
  3. nick909

    nick909 Star commenter

  4. aw27

    aw27 New commenter

    that made me laugh [​IMG]

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