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How involved are the parents in your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by dowager_countess, Feb 22, 2011.

  1. Hello all, this is my first post on here. I am a long time reader though.

    I just wanted to know how involved the parents are in your school? In my school we have parent helpers for virtually everything... I have 6 mums in total who are in my classroom throughout each week, listening to 1:1 readers at the back. We did swimming last year for a whole term and we took at least 4 parents each week to make up the ratios! (3 members of school staff and the rest parents for a 60 child outing!).

    I'm just wondering what other schools do... Do you have a policy on parents in the school? The biggest issue I have is that they are in my classroom and are obviously VERY keen to see what I'm actually teaching and what I'm like etc. This is quite off-putting at times I have to say.

    What do you think?
  2. I could not think of anything worse! I always refuse any offeres of volunteering in my class!
  3. If you find helpers in your class are off putting, then I suggest you set better boundaries for them!
    I must admit I am rather shocked that you are complaining about people showing a real interest and volunteering their time and skills to do things that the children might not experience without them!
    Having said that , I don't think within the classroom is necessarily the best place for reading practice- would a table in the corridor/ a small separate room be more suitable?

  4. I find the term 'helpers' does not always cover the adults I get into my class. Some of them have made matters more difficult sometimes. Some people are just not cut out for school.
    I have had parents who have told chidlren off infront of me because they feel I was not doing it properly.
    I have had parents who have not told children off for things that I would have liked them to tell them off for.
    I have had parents that have carried on talking to children when I have asked the child to stop talking and focus on myself.
    I have had parents in my class who have reported to other parents on the playground everything that has gone on in class and passed judgement on my teaching.
    To be perfectly honest I would prefer not to have them, but I don't really like having TA's in my class either. UNLESS they are VERY well trained!
  5. We have lots of parent helpers in school doing various jobs and lots of help with reading/sewing/etc.
    They aren't always based in the classroom (normally the corridor outside) and no parent is allowed to help in their child's year group.
    I had a great parent helper last year but because her son is now in our year group she has moved to someone else [​IMG]
  6. Oh really involved...they just love slagging us off even though we are doing the best for our children, and looking for any excuse to pick us to pieces.
  7. clawthorpegirl

    clawthorpegirl New commenter

    Who chooses which parents are able to come in and which classes to allocate them to? This is probably the best person to speak to about 'losing' some of them!
    We have a small group of parents who have been CRB checked, attending some basic training with DHT (boundaries, confidentiality, how to read with a child etc). Each then gives some time each week to hearing readers - not from their child's class and not in any classroom. We are also able to ask them for extra help for trips out etc.

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