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How Have you Upset a Permanent Teacher Lately?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by wariric64, Apr 4, 2012.

  1. On a thread in the Science forums about Compulsory Field Trips students who do not go were described as a 'pain in the bum' and 'never the high flyers'. I saw red and pointed out the harsh economic climate out there and that I could not afford to send my children as a supply teacher on field courses any more and how when unemployed the general consensus amongst Daily Mail readers was that if I am unemployed I am feckless and workshy. After all 'everyone' seems to agree that we all have a wonderful time on benefits. The complacent 'teacher' that answered described my slightly forceful posting as a rant. I see what I said as the unfortunate truth.
    Anyone else come across examples of 'I'm all right Jack' complacency? By the way I don't apologise for anything I posted.
  2. I teach supply full-time and my a-level classes as a twilight (an indy who like my results and is flexible with me). I have had a certain amount of snottiness over missing meetings for my year 9 tutor group I have two day a week - I was never told I was getting this group it just happened when I was two weeks into what at the time was a three week contract. When I explained the reason they asked why I was teaching elsewhere when I was on supply money (£100 per day less than an NQT) - also it is a temp contract that could terminate at anytime and I have been with my A2 students for nearly two years...... On school trips I thought schools had to cover it if parents can't pay. They do here you are only allowed to ask for a donation towards the trip not full amount - if they are asking for cash should be a reasonably cheap visit. I always ran freebies when I was a permenant I live in a socially deprived area and even when times were better some kids didn't have enough money.... and I was a softy and occassionally dipped into my own pocket.
  3. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    i upset one class teacher a week or so ago. He told me what to teach (no written plan or notes) then i moved on to be given verbal only instructions for the 4 other sessions that i had that morning. Each in a different primary room, with a different class. I noted down as I usually do. The last teacher stated that it was good that i was teachign the smae work to her class as to the first.
    By the time i tought the first teacher's lesson i only remmebered the "you are teaching the same work to both classes comment and taught them the wrong set of work.
    Annoying but i felt understandable especially as the work was very similar in content.
    He commented in front of the class that i had totally wasted their and his time.
    a little harsh i felt, but hey ho.
    never mind it was a 25 mile drive for half a day on short notice, so perhaps i will get more local work instead!
  4. "Permanent Teacher"? What's so special?????????? Some are pretty good at thought experiments as Einstein was whilst pottering about the garden!
  5. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    Unfortunately there are too many teachers in permanent posts do not realise how lucky they are and look on supply teachers (who are generally experience and more flexible due to the nature of the role) as useless no-marks, instead of fellow professionals. It is only when they lose their jobs to the growing army of unqualified staff, thay they develop an appreciation of the role and expertise in man management that supply teachers require to survive. I accept that there are teachers in permanent posts and I have encounted many who appreciate us, and that included a deputy head teacher that I encountered in a school the other week and who actually commenced her career as a supply teacher. But for some, they live in a bubble, in which they are isolated from the realities and changing nature of education and we can see this with the outcry about the pensions, but not a word about the use of unqualified support staff to teach.
    I feel sorry for the orginal postee, the way they were treated was unprofessional, unpolite and to be honest rare, but it does impact upon a persons confidence, but I say if they are that bad mannered, I hope they are and do not become a role model for the kids they teach. It may also down to fear that you are a better teacher or potentially they prefer to listen to some wannabee teacher TA bad mouthing you (it as happened to many supply teachers), but if they could not be bothered to write down basic information then they are lacky any professional courtesy and standards. After all we are expected to give feedback on the students work as a professional courtesy.
  6. Mrs-Pip

    Mrs-Pip New commenter

    This is how I recently upset someone...
    I "told" them that after one hour of being outside on outdoor provision and then 20 mins playground duty that I was going to the toilet. It was freezing, I was freezing and when they were sat on the other side of the window with a nice hot drink I didn't complain. I also didn't say a word or bat an eyelid when I was then told that straight after the playground duty I was taking the KS1 assembly on my own. Considering that I had never been to the school before and I looked at the timetables I knew they were taking the P***. As I didn't "ask" to go to the loo, I was told that I wasn't wanted there again. I replied with "Good, they were horrible" And I honestly don't care!!!
    Sometimes you do have to cross your legs and I understand that but after being in the cold all that time I really don't think " I'm just going to nip to the toilet before I take them to assembly" as the kids are taking their coats and wellies off which takes 10 mins anyway is an unfair request do you?
  7. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    isn't it amazing how many times it just happens to be the covered teacher's duty day? Should be one day in five i guess, more like one day in two or higher when on supply!
    Not sure how the schools stand on health and safety leaving a stranger to the school in charge!
  8. Moony

    Moony Lead commenter

    I've got someones back up after argueing against academic snobbery on a thread about degree's on Opinion.
  9. I got my recent 2 terms from a day in a school. On that day I stayed back and marked through the books, I ticked mostly and put an s in a circle as the marking policy stuck on the board said was the marking code for supply. On starting my longer term the teacher from that class made a point in telling me 'you do have to mark, properly with constructive comments, and the s in a circle is for me not you'. Hmm she was lucky all her work was marked. No way was I commenting on everything.
  10. les25paul

    les25paul Star commenter

    And there's me thinking that the marking was done for the benefit of the students not the teachers you have been covering for.
    How silly of me[​IMG]


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