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How hard is it to complete a full GCSE at grade A standard at German in Y9?

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Dalek1099, Aug 28, 2011.

  1. How hard is it to fully complete a GCSE German full course at grade A standard in Y9?
    You are not a native speaker and your family do not know any german
    The gcse must be fully completed to grade a standard by results day about a month after the finish of Y9.
    You only have from Y7 half term to June Y9 to learn it and no home learners just school lessons about 2-3 times a week.
    You have learned another language to KS2 standard and will learn that language to KS3 standard while you learn your german.
    The full gcse needs to be completed fully in Y9 to grade A standard so how hard?
  2. considering how hard it is for relatively gifted students to get sn A at the end of Y11 after 5 years, i would say it would be extremely difficult. In fact, you would have to be some kind of Wunderkind to manage it. Look at the AQA results thread on this forum to see what you're up against.
  3. So, you don't even have 3 years? 2-3 times a week? How long are the lessons? How big is the group? Two times, regardless of how long the lessons are, wouldn't work at all, I think...
  4. For me the single most important factor is whether these students are volunteers and up for a challenge. If so I think with able students it is probably doable. However since it is KS3 I imagine this is not the case. Is this a challenge you have been set, some kind of bet? Or have you been told that this is the only option for retaining German?
  5. Okay, with such a small group it could work. Does the boy like football? If yes, perhaps you can motivate him with topics that interest him (FC Bayern, national team...). If he works hard, and is bright, it will work. But can you get him to work hard?
  6. Dear posters..we are assuming here that learning German (whatever that means) and getting a grade A at GCSE are one and the same thing....I would suggest it is not. If the subject were amenable you could do exam paper after exam paper and teach to the exam cutting out ruthlessly all the cultural stuff and bob's your onkel....
  7. They are pretty much the same thing and also will you also consider the question How hard is it to get an A* almost full ums in GCSE Maths 1st Unit only in Y9 for a boy in a class of 24 with under 6 months of teaching before the exam and only half an hour of revision the night before?

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