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How happy are you at your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by comenius, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. Mine is a big fat 10!! I have usually been happy in the schools ive been in, only one school where i really wasnt happy and i got out soon as. I definately think you need to find the right school for you. I was happy in main stream but wanted to try special needs which im in now. Absolutely love it kids amazing! staff amazing! SMT amazing! I don't need days off for birthdays or anything thatd cause too much disruption to my autistic class but the SMT do really listen when I go to them, which has been a lot this year. I am very very lucky!
  2. tammyround

    tammyround New commenter

    I must admit this year I am at a 10 - I have moved from secondary to primary and I am totally loving it. It's very hard work to change and adapt and I am also responsible for introducing languages at my new school. But I don't mind the hard work and long hours, when I find the environment so creative and engaging for children. I think primary just suits me so much more than secondary! My last year in secondary was really bad - I was bullied by another member of staff for around 7 months who abused their senior position above me within the department- whilst I coped with it as best I could I didn't realise just how miserable and unhappy I really was until I moved to my current school.
    At least it makes me appreciate just how great my colleagues are and how supportive my SMTs are! Plus the kids are so much better in primary. It's harder to like stroppy spotty teenagers! A big thumbs up for primary!
  3. My school rapidly descended from a 7 to a 1. I worked within a KS2 team that is still so thoroughly demoralised by SMT 'support' that the sickness and absence rate is crazily high. It is a primary school where the KS1 team are constantly lauded whilst the KS2 team are regularly publically berated by the Head and Deputy, who, when challenged often don't have anything concrete to base their 'findings' on. Input for teachers is critical rather than supportive or instructive and is becoming more akin to bullying in some cases. The Head and Deputy keep an extremely low profile, to the point that many of the KS2 children can't name the Deputy and talk throughout the Head's assemblies! Make of this what you will! And yes, I left. And yes, I am really happy now. I love teaching, I'm a good teacher and there is hope out there! I will find my 10.
  4. I'm a 10 too - though I'm going to my lovely boss with suggestions of birthdays off, massages etc!!!! Love the job, love the kids, love the supportive staff and head. Mixed feelings about parents but you can't win 'em all!!!
  5. Depends within what aspect of school....
    The school - 10 - I work in a nice school.
    This week - 3 - Estyn Inspection starts on Monday
    Teaching Staff - 10 - everyone get's on here
    Support staff - 5 - due to issues with one member of support staff in my department
    School Meals - 5 - not fussed
    The Bakery being so close that I can walk - 10

  6. theNavigator

    theNavigator New commenter

    I agree :) Nice idea welsh_gje

    Pupils and staff - 10 - very supportive school, practical, decent senses of humour

    School Meals - 10 - dinner ladies are brilliant. Enormous salad bar, haggis is from local butcher ;)

    View from classroom window - 10 - outstanding.

    Facilities - 1 - Well, technically the building is still upright. Technology is archaic, chunks of my classroom wall fall off from damp (there's black mould too), council have ignored an excellent (high achieving) school for years.

    Kids are most entertaining - "A TEST?! Miss, you're 5 foot 7 of PURE EVIL."
  7. theNavigator

    theNavigator New commenter

    Er, what happened to all my paragraph breaks? This website is weird.
  8. I agree that work colleagues are important as they can make or break the environment for you. They can be a sounding board for annoying parents and their over indulged kids etc.
    I am teaching at an International School in China and I thought I had seen the worst.... BUT there are worse situations!! This school is totally dominated and run by the parents!!! If they don't like your accent, the color of your skin, your age or your gender they ask for their child to be moved to another class!!!! No matter what tale their child goes home with (and don't kids love to tell tales, don't we teach them to tell stories at school!!), the child is believed with no input from the teacher.
    I am outta here in a few days almost unscathed but I do feel for the younger teachers who are concerned that if they leave they won't get a reference. As I am breaking my contract loose all benefits!! But my health and happiness is more important than a job!! Sometimes money cannot buy peace of mind
  9. I am working towards becoming a primary teacher and can't believe job satisfaction is so low. As a mature student I obviously know that all places of work, no matter how much you enjoy your job, will have things that you are not happy with and that you have to either live with it or change it. From the sounds of your post you really need to think about a total change. But you really need to identify if it is the place or the job before you make any decisions
  10. I must love my school as I have to travel 37 miles each way - we moved because of my husband's job and I can manage the journey, it's a great place to be I have been teaching since 1977 ( on and off because of having children). I have taught in many different schools from Birmingham to Hertfordhshir,but I hope to remain here until I retire.
  11. With only 2.5 years to go till I'm 60, I can alsosay I have not had the pleasureof teaching in a happy place - amd Ihave taught for varying lengths of time in about 12 schools. My 20 years in England taught me loads, and I matured as ateacher, but it was a painful process. I've been in my present schoolin N. Ireland for almost 11 years, and as I am so 'old', can't really look elsewhere, but my enthusiasm and creativity get a hammering most days; by pettifogging slavery to detail in rules, regulations and paperwork , oh and initiatives! Where would we be without initiatives?! Teaching better lessons in my classroom, I'd say. The staff is divided, bitchy and backstabbing. They undermine eachother, and I've stopped going into the staffroom, as no-one talks to me. That's because I'm not into all the above, and don't deal in gossip. But you know, kids pick upon this sort of stuff. Ours are 11-14, and I'm sure they knowwhich teachers will get back-up and who won't. All that keeps me going is the thought of finishing ; roll on June 2013
  12. NQT1986

    NQT1986 Occasional commenter

    Hmm, this is tricky-I'd say a 6 at the moment.
    The head- I'd say 9, he's great.
    SMT-9-they don't always know what they are doing as they are quite new, but they seem to think I know what I'm doing which is ok by me.
    The children-v challenging, but fab-8
    TA-an absolute gem-10
    Some staff (the ones that have been there a while, like me!)
    Other staff (mainly new ones-of which there are a lot!) -3! I feel like they are all socialising together all the time (they do go out a lot) and I don't want to go clubbing, so I don't get to know them, then they think I'm odd because I don't go..., so I don't want to go even more-it's a vicious circle of my own making, I suppose.
  13. probably only a 6 or 7- changed schools a year ago after being at the same school for 18 years and things not as good as i hoped
    staff are generally nice on a personal level but there is a lot of backbiting and niggling about things
    am on slt - leading ks1, literacy, pshe, emas etc etc and also teaching 4 days which is very difficult and the other members of the team are non class based!
    some difficult parents but most ok and the children are great- no real behaviour problems
    wish i hadnt changed but will stick it out
  14. Leapyearbaby64

    Leapyearbaby64 New commenter

    10 for me too. Fantastic staff all across the school. Supportive SMT. Brilliant team to work with. Lovely, lovely class of children this year. Currently can't believe how lucky I am.
  15. Can't you get the kids to do some peer assessment or mark books together. Buy some stamps so the group that worked with you can get 'Verbal feedback'' marked on it.
    Buy another phone or change your number and then do not, under any circumstances, give your mobile number to your head. They can't do this so don't allow them to.
    I really hope it gets better soon, or you get another job. Good luck!
  16. Crumbs. I am just in the wrong schools I think (4 so far) I could never have said that any school I worked at was even vaguely approaching 10. I have NEVER ever been given time off to see my children at concerts or school events (even in the evenings sometimes) Christmas shopping?!? Birthdays?! I have never worked in a school where there were not ambitious targets set for everyone which were expected to be fulfilled and failure punished with ridicule and 'whispering'. All my schools insisted staff go on team building events - in our own time (I am quite clever so realised very quickly that you can never say no) and the staff room was always full of snide comments from loads of teachers and support staff about a variety of 'shortcomings' even when people had been ILL (again, I am NEVER off sick). I could go on but suffice to say I can detect a vague scent of playground in every staff room I have ever visited. I have worked in a previous career so perhaps I am unfavourably comparing teaching to that. My experience mirrors the poster's WHERE ARE THESE GOOD SCHOOLS?
    The only bit of teaching that can sometimes be a 10 is actually teaching the children and marking their work. Oh and I now take pride in NOT JOINING IN, any witch hunts, supporting quietly anyone who is a victim of one, NEVER betraying a confidence and being relentlessly cheerful.
  17. Currently would be a 10 but I have to do an 80 mile round trip to get there and back and with the current increases in fuel, decreases in spending power... Hey you know what? make it a 10- after all there are some things money can't buy! (But I would like to have a couple of paid days off every year to do stuff that isn't covered by the leave policy)
    Previous school? 2. 1 point for immediate colleagues (not counting my NQT partner teacher who bullied me) and1 point for families and kids. Less than zero for the SMT who drove me to the brink of suicide and a mental breakdown ...and also managed to 'persuade' 24 other members of staff to 'move on' in a 2 year period! no surprises what their scores would be!
  18. My thoughts are with you pinkprincessophelia,
    I am a 1. I moved to a new school in September and have been rated as inadequate, and had informal capability started by the head after 8 weeks of being there. The deputy head, and other teachers (that I have confided in) think it's all **** and are not surprised that I have handed my notice in.
    When I told my head that I felt sick and dreaded coming to work everyday her reply was "at least you realise the seriousness of the situation."
    If it wasn't for the other teachers I too would be a 0.
    Hope everything works out for you, and all those others who are in a similar situation.
  19. Your experience mirrors mine! Could we be/have been at the same schools? Current school definitely 10! I couldn't wish for a nicer place to work nor a nicer set of colleagues but like you wish journey to work was shorter. Last school would score 2. Really awful and I spent most of the summer holiday before I left in floods of tears thanks to the SMT. I kept my head down and jumped ship as soon as I could but a large number of colleagues (both teaching and support staff) were treated appallingly and the bullying that was going on was unbelievable. I have 30 years experience in education (at all levels) so I know bad management when I see it.
  20. [​IMG]. Outrageous.


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