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How happy are you at your school?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by comenius, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. comenius

    comenius New commenter

    I'm a 10 - great job in a great school :0)
  2. I am a 10. I have worked in schools in cities and back at home in the countryside, and i have now found a school that i love spending time in.
    The children are amazing, and fun to be with, which makes every day fly by. The other staff are brilliant fun to be with, and i am part of an SMT with no ridiculous obsessions with paperwork! Everyone works as part of a team, and at the end of the day, we all know we are there to work with children - that remains the one priority of the school.
    Sorry, i dont mean to sound overly positive when so many people are not enjoying their schools. Years ago a lecturer told me that finding the right school would make the world of difference - i have to say he was spot on!
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    We were just chatting about it in the staffroom after school
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Hmmm 9ish. I do love my school totally, but the job I do could be improved. I'd like to be in a different year group, hence a 9 not a 10+

    Totally agree that you need to find the right school. If you aren't happy then move if you can.
  5. I range from about a 6 to a 10 throughout each week!!! Great kids at school, quite pushy parents and supportive colleagues - I think the colleagues bit is the most important, because once you're working as a team even the worst kids and parents don't seem as bad!!
  6. Minus 10. Can't stand to even be there.
  7. Just about a 9!
    I love my school ( been there 7 years!) the children are lovely-not generally the brightest you might find but what we consider to be bad behaviour would have many other teachers in hysterics! The parents are in the main very supportive, one or two dicey ones but not many. The staff are brilliant, the majority would do anything for you and the feeling is reciprocated! The Head is fine, OK she can get bees in her bonnet but she is definitely well into give and take ( we get our birthdays off, a day for Xmas shopping, time off for what in some schools would never be considered-my son's prizegiving, another childs graduation, a "late back from holiday day ( for the TA's) and many others!
    Wouldn't want to work anywhere else(which is a problem in itself!)
  8. I find this unbelievable! You get your birthday off?? a day for Xmas shopping?
  9. Yes, the Head covers our classes for us! Ta's get the same but we have to manage without them for the day! There are only 4 teachers and the same number of Ta's so it's not a major exercise, but it does make us feel loved[​IMG]
  10. I would say I'm a 8/9. I love working there but the paperwork side is a bit much. Our HT must go through tonnes of trees a year printing things off for us/staff meetings!
    I have to agree with a previous post (sorry can't remember your name) but if you work somewhere where the staff are great and you are supported then it doesn't matter as much about the pushy parents or poorly behaved children. The staff at my school are fab and everyday we just laugh. There's always someone to talk to and even when you've had a rubbish day where you feel you may as well talk to a brick wall, someone is there to make you feel better. Our Head is great too and overall the children are great even though they aren't the best behaved or brightest in the area.
    I hope those that have rated there happinness levels as 6 or below can hopefully find somewhere that makes them happy (or get rid of the things that make them unhappy!!!)
  11. JumpingStarfish

    JumpingStarfish New commenter

    I can't actually believe what I have read on this thread. Shopping days? Birthdays off? I definitely need to move schools - we get nothing! Still trying to find the school for me - am now on my third school and my 4th year of teaching and still not happy.
  12. This thread has just depressed me! I'm about 3/10. I like the team I'm working in and the children. HATE the SMT and parents. Looking for a new job as we speak.[​IMG]
  13. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    I've had a variety - ranging from 0 to 10.
  14. I'd rate my current school as 9. Really love it, but a few things need a little bit of improvement - which I'm working on :)

    My previous school was 10+, but all changed when new management arrived and it swiftly went downhill to -10 (union, legal, stress illness etc). So, I took the opportunity to leave and find a place where I felt valued and supported again. It was the best thing that I could have done :D
  15. I like the students and enjoy the actual teaching. In fact I have a laugh with the other staff but the department I work in is a disaster and it is now really getting me down ie: bullying, selling my ideas in as their own etc so I just want to get out. Based on that I am going to say a 5.
    I was completely happy when I started and I've only been there 2 years - how depressing.
  16. Wow...where do you teach?Are there any vacancies for the next academic year? Mine is....well maybe I just just give 3 out of 10. I enjoy living here....the rest.....OOooo dear!!!
  17. 10. Easily. Love my school to bits, although like most relationships it has its ups and downs! However, I really can't imagine life without it and the wonderful people, including the kids, who work there. Anyone who gives their school a -10 really should quit that particular school or teaching altogether. Life is just too short.
  18. 10+ I love my current school and could never imagine teaching anywhere else :D, the team are fab, great head, supportive and we laugh every single day without fail :D, children are just fab as are their parents
    My last school however would be rated -10, I hated it, not the staff or the pupils but the HT was a disastrous nightmare, every year a victim is chosen and the HT bullies that person till they crack! in the 3 years I've known the school 10 teachers have left... I nearly quit teaching because of it
  19. I am definitely a 0.
    Loved my job before the new head decided I am unsatisfactory, never had any problems before, and so am being pushed out through a formal route. Feel bullied, unsupported and got at.
    Get anxiety attacks just being at work.
    Looking for a job outside of teaching as I have had all my love for the job squeezed out of me and hate it now. Love the kids but hate everything else :(
  20. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I'd havesaid a 10 in September, am now down to about a 5.
    Am incredibly envious of those who have days off/beauty stuff, although as my birthday's in the holidays every year I'm not sure if I'd lose out? I just wish I saw the SLT in my classroom more often, never mind having time off for Christmas shopping.
    Maybe I will suggest some of these things to SLT... If I say them all at once we might get 1 and then I'll be a bit happier! I really don't want my feelings to drop below a 5. I love my colleagues and my class are completely wonderful. It's just the higher beings that make me feel low.

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