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How far would you/do you travel to work?

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by littlemissraw, Nov 7, 2011.

  1. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I worked over an hour way before (although not in teaching) If you can get in super early (work in school) and leave when the school day ends you'll avoid the major rush hour. Apply and let fate decide. xx
  2. When i worked as a technician i travelled 2 and a half hours each way to school! (by walking and train as i couldn't drive at the time)
    I am looking for jobs and if it is within a two hour drive away, I have vowed to apply for it.
    I just can't afford to be picky.
  3. Hello,
    I am currently looking at changing jobs and am having the same conversation with my partner. In teaching I think some prefer to work a bit further away out of the catchment area. I commuted for over five years on a 40 minute journey and the only major problems for me were the evening events. I would get in early to avoid rush hour traffic and leave either asap or stay late to avoid traffic.
    Currently, I travel for 30 minutes and am not enjoying my job as much. I am considering changing to a job that is further away and would take approximately an hour but I think my happiness in my job is more important. I think using audio CDs and giving myself time to switch off is a good use of my travel time - a nice bit of me time if you don't mind driving.
    I would also say that the cost of fuel and running your car also needs to be taken into account in this current economic climate. It is certainly one thing that has made me check my sums!
    Finally, it will depend on the type of journey and how you feel about driving / commuting. I enjoy driving especially on main roads but an hour in congestion would not suit me at all.
    It will be interesting to see what other people think about this as my partner thinks I'm mad for considering driving so far to work.
    Hope this helps.

  4. Georgia99

    Georgia99 New commenter

    Hiya the job I am looking at is 50 miles away which is 100 miles a day of travelling. My car is diesel and very efficient so I am looking at about £10 a day in fuel. That is still £50 a week though, which is a lot on travel.
    I live in a rural area and the first 10 miles would be on a single carriageway country type road and the remainder on a dual carriageway. The route planner estimates 1 hr 7.
    My main concern apart from the money, is the winter. Firstly if it snows or there is bad ice, I have no chance of getting there. Secondly, the job I am looking at is FE and will be a 5pm finish, so some of the roads will be appalling for driving in the dark on the way home and I have terrible night vision (I get dazzled) after having eye laser surgery a few years ago. If it was a 3pm finish that wouldn't be an issue as I could get home by sunset.
    On the other hand, the FE job would be much more rewarding for me and I have enquired about where I would be placed on the salary scale and I would be about 5k year higher than what I currently earn as a teacher.
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Well if you'd be earning more that could help to cover your petrol costs.
    If you'd be happier in the position, that in itself is worth a great deal.
    For me the night driving could be the biggest stumbling block.

  6. Last year I travelled 79 miles each way which, depending on traffic could take anything between 1.5 and 2.5 hours each way (long way from motorways and plenty of tractors). What with other issues this made me quite ill. If it is possible find a cheap room/guest house and stay over for 4 nights. This is what I did 2009/2010 which, while not ideal, is much less exhausting. I can guarantee you will start to burn out much more quickly should you commute as well as all the other demands.
  7. That is exactly what happened to me. A 5 hour journey each day (incl 6 miles of walking) on top of a full days work. I ended up with a chest infection, asthmatic brinchitis and pleaurisy and was off for 5 weeks. My body was so run down and it hit me at my weakest spot. My astmah makes my chest very vulnerable when run down. I was very nearly hospitalised.
    It was not nice, very scary, but it was the only work i could get and would do that sort of journey again if it was my only option (though i will admit that it will be much much easier in a car!!)
  8. I did a 50 minute each way commute last year and it wasn't too bad, just tiring - made worse by not particularly liking the school. I think up to an hour for a school you really like is worth it. You could apply and then test out the route and then time it when invited for interview - useful to see how heavy the traffic is, not something always taken into account by google directions and the like.
  9. For the last 3 years i have travelled just over 30 miles each way - M way and with holdups varies between 45mins and up to 2 hours.
    to be honest, to begin with i really didn't mind but have just about had enough now - i keep thinking - i spend on average about 2 hours a day driving - what could i be doing with that time - relaxing / seeing friends / having a nice glass of wine etc. moving somewhere a lot closer after christmas.
  10. If you have poor night vision, should you really be putting yourself (and other drivers around you) at risk during rush hour? I used to have terrible night vision so I know what you mean, but wierdly I had the opposite happen when I had laser surgery, it actually cured it.

    However, I liked the post that said apply and let fate decide!
  11. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    My current position would have been about an hour and twenty minutes away from my house so I decided to buy another house (I realise I was lucky to be in a position to be able to do this.) I have worked about an hour away before and while it wasn't the worst experience ever, it was a bit rubbish after winter parents and open evenings, and I found the morning commute really stressful. I now live five minutes away and I love it!
    Just prepare yourself for incredulous looks from colleagues - "You live THERE?" I once worked about half an hour away and I still got it - no idea why. [​IMG]
  12. I don't drive [​IMG]
    I'm willing to commute an hour each way. I think that's reasonable?
    When I was training, in their wisdom, the Faculty sent me and this other non-driver to this seriously rural school in a tiny little village which was not served by any buses! We were travelling for about three hours a day - often more - and I got to that embarrassing stage of extreme tiredness where everything made me cry. Which is not the best look when you're supposed to be a professional.
    My lovely school is ten minutes from my house. Very, very, very lucky. [​IMG] xxx
  13. I don't drive either and on my final placement I was sent to a rural school which I had to travel by train and then get a bus (1 a hour). Luckily, my placement tutor/class teacher lived at the other side of my town to me, so all I had to do was get there and I was sorted. Sometimes, I would have to do the whole journey (train and bus) and got used to rural buses being late/not turning up - Got through so many books :D
    I'm quite lucky to live in a place that has very good public transport links to major towns/cities and I'm willing to travel over an hour but would cut it at 90 minutes. Whilst this is all happening, I also have to contend with 3 market days to different towns which affect the traffic in different places on those days, depending where the market is!!
    I have an interview tomorrow and its market day at the town next door to mine, which means my first bus journey of the day is affected, but my second bus isn't. Doesn't matter on the way back - Good excuse for Christmas shopping in the city as well as my cheeky Fish and Chips, that I would normally have after the Dentist's in the same city. Shush!! [​IMG]

  14. Good luck patchi!

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