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How far have we come?

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by modelmaker, Jan 10, 2010.

  1. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    It's a year now since the threads that encouraged TES to create this forum started. Of course, lapin and others often posted things about food and recipes before. A year ago though, the interest in food came from a different direction than it mostly does now it's been pideonholed.
    Is this forum doing all the stuff it was intended?
  2. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    It's a year now since the threads that encouraged TES to create this forum started. Of course, lapin and others often posted things about food and recipes before. A year ago though, the interest in food came from a different direction than it mostly does now it's been pideonholed.
    Is this forum doing all the stuff it was intended?
  3. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I've shared some favourite recipes.
    I've picked up more than a few new recipes and loads of ideas.
    I've shared my passion for slow-cooking on any and every occasion!
    I've enjoyed some interesting chatlets...on how we learned to cook.. economy gastronomy...different Christmas food traditions.....
    Enjoyed a relatively troll-free environment on TES
    So, I guess the forum works for me!
    It's good when new faces pop up (all too infrequently, not that I don't like the regulars...at least I'm getting to know who to ask various questions!) especially if they're newbie foodies who are starting out in cooking.
    Over on Personal some folks still seem unaware of our existence...do we need to publicise ourselves more? Or keep the pleasant if slightly rarefied atmosphere over here?

  4. lapinrose

    lapinrose Star commenter

    Much as I would welcome more contributors, we are a troll-free zone, at the moment, fingers crossed etc. Let's keep it that way and the nice, pleasant atmosphere we have on here.
  5. I've enjoyed it too!
    I like the quietness and it is always possible to redirect a poster here whe they post elsewhere.
    Posting here has certainly set me back abit - in a good way. New slo cooker, all sorts of old faves dug out and recycled and shared.
    It's fun to share some occasionally esoteric foodie chat with other foodies.
    It also helps me feel relatively normal.... the amount of cooking and baking I do is deemed strange amongst colleagues and friends!
  6. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I agree with everything that's been said and have other good reasons myself for coming here myself, however I was pondering whether this forum fulfils all the criteria that prompted its creation as outlined in the links in my OP or whether it has drifted into a specialised form of Personel.
    Just a thought. Maybe I had anticipated it would grow into something wider.
  7. How so? I am not familiar with the foodie threads from before, not as an entity, though I am sure I must have joined in some of them.
    What kind of broadening would you like to have seen?
    And can I help?
  8. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    We might for example discuss how the raw materials we cook with are produced, the food miles we consume, how the Western diet affects the third world, ethical alternatives to supermarkets, foods likely to cause disease, how to live off the hedgerows, what to look out for in woodland mushrooms. I dunno, the list of food related things is probably endless yet relevant.
    Such things occasionally get touched on in posts but never it seems have threads of their own where they can be debated.
  9. Mmm!
    I know I am likely to add to food miles and alternatives to supermarkets.... and have done so a lot in the past.
    I see what you mean. Those threads seem to stay over on personal
    Perhaps it's the name 'cookery' - though I doubt 'food' would do much more to expand the chat!

  10. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I think food would be a better choice for the forum title. It would also attract other posters who have no interest in cooking but would like to share their dining experiences. It all adds to the bigger picture.
  11. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    And I put my hand up to saying I'm as guilty as everyone we're not doing what I suggest.
  12. mandala1

    mandala1 Occasional commenter

    I really like this forum. I'd prefer to chat about recipes tbh - probably would read but wouldn't join in with the other stuff!
  13. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I'd join in with the topics mentioned (have done so in the past.....even started one or two!).
    Anything that gets people thinking about food and cooking is good by me.
    However, I like the fact that 'Cookery' is such a friendly place, and don't what to attract the trolly idiots that are invading Personal at the moment.
    Also, I want this to be a place to encourage newbie cooks - would threads on alternatives to supermarkets, fair trade, airmiles et.c....be a little off-putting?
  14. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I like this forum a lot. I don't think it would hurt to have threads like the ones suggested. To be honest, if people don't find it interesting enough to reply to those topics, then they will just sink anyway. Give it a go. I find it interesting but don't tend to reply to anything that takes eons to type.
  15. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    I thought about this after I posted. It's a risk but I doubt the idiots will find much in a specialist forum to overly interest them.
    One of the things I also enjoy about this forum is helping newbies realise it ain't so difficult to cook better food and far more satisfying. I would suggest once you gain their interest they will want to explore food further.
    The more factors to think about adds to the overall interest in cooking and food generally. Celebrity chefs don't shy away from this, why should we?
  16. modelmaker

    modelmaker Occasional commenter

    Well, it's a year since this thread was contributed to, so I ask again, how how we come?
    We've reached a thread of over 1000 posts and that is truely amazing apart from the fact that says little other than the depressing prospect of having to cook or outdoing each other with vague insights into the recipes other than the basic ingredients.
    I'm going to clap my hands in a a moment....
    There, I've done it and now I'm going to shout "WAKE UP CLASS!"
    The entire point of this forum is to discuss food. It's not about kisses, cuddles and kittens. You can do all that on Personal.
    Give me strength...
    I posted a link yesterday to a video on the vegan thread about the dire effects the reduction of the bee population has on our survival and the efforts scientists and beekeepers are making. Did anyone watch it? Nodody responded despite it being a motivational topic.
    We've discussed immoral egg production to the extent of a half-dozen or so posts.
    We've discussed factory farming to the extent of a half-dozen posts as well and another dozen or so on the tedium of shopping in supermarkets.
    And yet we get over 1000 posts telling us what's for dinner tonight.
    Is this all cookery is about? Should I give up now and occasionally look into Personal when I'm really bored?
    Come on. You're mostly good, inventive cooks. Discuss more about cooking instead of utensils. Discuss more about the food industry than what you bought from it. Tell us exactly, in tecnical terms why you think your recipe succeeded or failed.
    The Cookery forum ought to be far more vibrant than Opinion on its best day because we're all helpful mates that can synergise.
  17. I have only recently come to this forum and like it very much. I have had advice and have offered advice.
    I do agree with expanding it - the topics mentioned by modelmaker and others are important. If they go over to Opinion they are inevitably hijacked by posters who have their own agenda (I'm being polite here).
    Sorry, MM, I didn't see your link about the bees. I would like to return to that when I have more time.
    Good cooking is important but so are the wider issues surrounding food. I'm in.
  18. Bethannie

    Bethannie New commenter

    I will follow-up the link about bees. ....especially, but not solely, becuase my comment about honey prompted you to post it!
    Somedays my life slows to a snail-like pace and it takes me a little more time to do things like read a link, maybe check a follow-up reference and chew-over the information....other days I am quite quick and sharp....(this inconsistency is what has led to my putting my Theology studies on temporary - I hope! - hold.)
    Posting on some threads - like the 'What are you having for dinner...' is something that can be done practically in sleep! And I have to admit to rather enjoying the peek into othe people's dining room and deciding where I want an invite for supper tonight!
    I am happy to contribute on the non-recipe food threads - I've even started one or two.
    Could 'Cookery' be more than it is?....yes, undoubatbly. And I would love to see it move that way. ...I'm thrilled to see that we have acquired a few new 'regulars.
    But even with its short-comings, it's still my favourite part of TES!
  19. I love that this is a troll free zone. Too frequently on other forums it's all about putting others down. Not here. So many ideas have been shared and disgussed.
    I love the tagental dialogue about gardening.
    I'm made jealous by the conversations about game. We don't have a huge amount of it freely available to a domestic cook. What we do get freely is our native animals and they require very specialied skilled or can end in and very stinky disaster. I have real issues about eating non native game as it doesn't belong here and shouldn't be introduced. My only exception is rabbit but with all the diseases introduced into the wild population I'm a little scared of it and I don't agree with farmed rabbit here.
    I think we have to discuss the wider issues involved with what we eat and how we eat it. But we also need to continue to share our passion for food with all who come across this forum.
  20. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    I don't post very often, but I love reading this forum - it is always my first port of call when I log on - because its name is 'cookery' and that is what I am interested in. I have used many wonderful recipe ideas from this site
    I think all the food related issues should be on another thread. Surely the fact that 'What are we having for dinner' gets so many hits and 'bees' doesn't says it all.

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