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How far do you travel to placement?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by amay92661, Feb 16, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone :) I am due to start a PGCE Primary at UEA in September. I was just wondering how far away your placements are from your house/uni as I have heard that local placements are a rarity! Just curious for planning purposes, ,e.g. whether or not I'll need to buy a car and how much you spend on petrol per week/month etc. Thanks!
  2. Hi everyone :) I am due to start a PGCE Primary at UEA in September. I was just wondering how far away your placements are from your house/uni as I have heard that local placements are a rarity! Just curious for planning purposes, ,e.g. whether or not I'll need to buy a car and how much you spend on petrol per week/month etc. Thanks!
  3. jaimexuk

    jaimexuk New commenter

    I travelled less than two miles to my first placement, and four miles for my final placement. I have been extremely lucky, I had been so anxious before the course about petrol costs!! There are some people who have to commute an hour+ to uni every day, and some of those people have ended up with a very long commute to their placement schools. Does your uni ask you to declare whether you will have access to a car? For those people that stated they didn't have a care, the university was very fair and tried to give people placements on the same bus route, or with only one change. This still amounts to a fairly long commute, but at least the uni were sympathetic about people's needs

  4. Wow you are very lucky!
    My uni hasn't asked us to declare whether or not we have a car, we have just had to sign saying that we are willing to travel up to 40 miles from our home, which is a long way!!! Do you use a car to get to your placement anyway, e.g. because you have so much to take with you, or are you able to use public transport/walk? Thanks for the advice.
  5. I've been lucky- I've had 3 miles and now 15 miles. If you don't have a car, you'll either be placed close OR with someone who does OR on an easy public transport link.
    Last year (job in a school), I travelled 40 miles and quite liked the space between me and school! Gave me some chillout time.
  6. PinkHelen

    PinkHelen New commenter

    We were asked to specify whether we had a car or not, and the University used the information to do...nothing! They simply ignored it, and placed 5 of us (all without a car) at a place that took over an hour to drive to, with a further 40 minute walk from the train station to our schools once we arrived. We were told to move to this town instead, until we kicked up a huge fuss about that being impossible. It got sorted in the end, but it was a huge stress at the time!
  7. <font size="2">For my parent placement i had to travel for 45 mins each way &ndash; that is in good traffic driving fast and it was all motor way so you can imagine the miles! My twin school is a 25 min drive so its much better.</font><font size="2"> </font><font size="2">In terms of cost my whole student loan (loan and full grant) went on just petrol costs in my first term. My living costs and rent are all paid from my savings. My university takes into account if you have access to a car but even then I&rsquo;ve noticed for some sessions pupils have been allocated sessions up to an hour away and they don&rsquo;t have transport.

    Id recommend a car for the amount of work you end up carrying and start saving! NOT A CHEAP COURSE!

    I was expecting to have a grand but the government scrapped the &pound;9000 grand for DT after id applied ......and they are bringing it back for September....typical! I would be completely stuck if I didn&rsquo;t have my savings to fall back on.

    Good Luck</font>
  8. I have four children, and stated before the course that I wouldn't be able to drop them in child care before 7.30am, and that congestion would make travel in one particular direction very difficult for me. All of this was not taken into consideration.
    My children are now living at my mum's house during the week, and she then commutes them to school. My fuel costs are about &pound;12 per day and it takes me over an hour. The drive is very stressful.
    However, the staff at the school are absolutely fantastic, and I wouldn't want to be bumping into some of the pupils I'm teaching whenever I go out to the shops, so a little distance can be a good thing.
    With hindsight, I wouldn't have told college that I had a car.
    I'm really missing my kids, and my weekends are filled with lesson planning, but this is only for a couple of months. It will be worth it in the long run.
  9. I was 25 miles from home/uni for two placements and 10 miles for the next one. I have a friend however whos last placement and the next are only a mile or so away. There's no way of telling how far you're going to be placed. Having a car gives you a bit more freedom. I wouldn't like to rely on public transport but it may not bother you. Of course having a car is expensive - not just the cost of petrol and carrying passengers can cause problems along the way too. Swings and roundabouts!
  10. jarndyce

    jarndyce Occasional commenter

    Two hours each way for first placement, 70-90 minutes each way for second.
  11. Hi,

    It takes me in total 30mins to get to my placement from my home.
  12. Fizzbobble

    Fizzbobble Occasional commenter

    I had an 84 mile round trip for placement A and I've got a 60 mile round trip for placement B. The uni thinks they've been really kind to me apparently. I live 21 miles away from uni in the next city. I am used to it; I used to commute to my job in my 'old' life and I've got a nice car. A lot of CDs to keep me going!
  13. I have been lucky with my univeristy (Brighton), they have taken my needs into account when placing me. I am a mature student (43) and declared on my placement form that I have a disabled partner to care for. They took this into account and placed me as near as possible to home. My friends who have children and need the same have as far as I know had their needs taken into account as well.
    If you have special circumstances such as children then I suggest you let your uni know (dont assume they know already as one department may not have informed the placement office) or talk to your tutors about your concerns.
  14. I would reiterate that about Brighton - I live about 25 miles away from the campus, in the countryside, and have been given placements extremely close to home. They say it's because they have an excess of schools in villages far away from the uni, to which they cannot get very many students living in the city as they don't have cars. I believe Norfolk is fairly rural, so may be the same.....

    However, be careful declaring you have a car as I have heard of people travelling an extra 10-20 miles a day to collect and drop off colleagues who don't drive. This is without them or the uni paying for wear and tear/fuel. I have flat out refused to take anyone without compensation so I'm not affected, but just be aware.
  15. thequillguy

    thequillguy New commenter

    I am so grateful for my placements. The first was a five minute drive down the road, and for the second I lodged five minutes away in the HoD's place Sunday through Thursday (I know!) Saved myself a 45 minute commute, and the stress etc. that went with it. Having the time to reflect and wind up in the morning was appreciated. Lodging near your school, if possible with other commitments, is very advised.

    There is one school near me that appears high in the league tables, and has wonderful facilities and aspirational kids. But there are annual vacancies, not least because the commute is an hour on country roads. An hour's commute is, over a month, a working week spent doing effectively nothing but tiring yourself out. A necessity for some, but if you rent then buy yourself the gift of time and consider cutting the commute for the first few years at least.
  16. Hi!
    Im at my second placement now, and we did fill in forms when we first started to say whether we had transport or not. It was hinted by previous students that if you say you havent got any transport they will try and locate you to a local school.
    My uni tutor explained that it is sometimes better to travel to a school further away if it will provide you with a better experience. My tutor has previous students and links to really great schools: great facilities, great mentors who are experienced and know how to support you etc.
    A few girls on my course refused to travel, so were given a local school which my tutor hadn't previously used, or worked alongside before and thus the girls hated their placement and feel like they havent been supported.
    I would say trust your tutor....they know what they are doing and know what will be the best for you on this very short PGCE course!
    My first placement was about 25miles away, and my second is about 20miles away...and as i am using the M42 AND M6 as my route, this can often take at least an hour and a half just to get there, meaning my alarm clock goes off at 5:30am! Not pleasant but i have had two amazing placement experiences, which i would definetly choose over a lie-in!
    I find the ride home is quite nice to unwind, have a sing-a-long to some tunes and think about things...its usually the only time i do get to do this!
    Im spending about &pound;45 a week in petrol, but the schools have free parking so thats a bonus. My annual milage has gone from 8,000 miles a year to doing 10,000 miles in just the past 6months! Iv just recieved a letter from the uni last week giving out some unexpected bursary's though so this will definetly help. I think the majority of people on my course have recieved this too, so there is always some help available.
    But when i qualify, i can hopefully be more selective about where i work! Dont let distance put you off, it can be a benefit in the long run.

    Enjoy it!

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