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How does your new class compare to your current class?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by jellybellysmum, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. My new class are older but smaller group - well for now anyway! I'm looking forward to having a break from current class as have had some of them for 3 years
  2. Grandsire

    Grandsire Star commenter

    My class this year is lovely, probably one of the nicest classes I've ever taught. They just get on really well with each other and want to do their best, so we've had a lot of fun - I will be very sad to see them go. But it's a big class - there are so many of them that there doesn't seem to be enough room.
    My class next year will be the smallest number I've ever taught, so I'm looking forward to having a bit more space. They're also lovely - I hope!
  3. I'll have 4 more in my class than this year, but they are much meeker and quieter. One extreme behaviour/ASD child but she has full time 1:1 support. This year my class have been fabulous but VERY boy heavy, boisterous and loud so I'm looking forward to a quieter year!
  4. scorpio12

    scorpio12 New commenter

    Met some of my new nursery children and they seem better behaved than the majority of my current year 2s but time will tell!
  5. dc521

    dc521 New commenter

    Well I am happiuly saying goodbye to my current class as I have had them for two years. They are notorious, were classified as unteachable and generally little ****. I loved every second of it but I needed a change. Therefore, I am changing year groups and stages and have spent a lovely day with my new class who understood the concept of listening to an adult, working hard and generally behaving. Yep, I'm placing bets before how long it changes or I get bored ...
  6. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    My current class LOVE sharing stories and keenly join in howling with laughter and comments at our class books... my new class didn't make a single noise and their facial expressions didn't change once. Hmmm. I will need to change that I think!! :)
  7. My current class is amazing. They were extremely difficult to begin with but they got to a place where we could have some really fun lessons and have a great laugh.
    However, I also have THAT child. You know the one: The whole school knows them and the other teachers look at you in horror when they realise that you're the one who has to deal with them everyday. As much as I will miss my class, I am incredibly relieved to be getting one where I can deliver a whole lesson without being called a f...ing c... and having something thrown at my head. What a luxury it will be!
  8. I've adored my Y3 class this year and in will miss them enormously.
    My new lot seem OK - no doubt will adore them too by October half-term. Depends on if they laugh at my jokes or not.
  9. I am going from a teaching 19 Y3/4 to a 52 place nursery! Big change and can't wait!

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