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How does your Governing Body govern?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by highweek, Apr 23, 2011.

  1. When you say 'one governor, one responsibility' is this for a governor to be linked to a particular area e.g. maths and then report back to the whole Governing body ? If this is the case, it is not a problem and certainly staff governors can be linked to a subject area.
    However, I would not agree to one Governor making decisions on their own and indeed I feel this would not be legal although I stand to be corrected. Who is to decide when it is necessary for a Committee to meet? This could be a minefield for monitoring the schools finances. A Finance Committee should meet at least once a term so that they can monitor the finances of the school. This can not be delegated to one Governor. If they do not meet, how can this be effectively carried out. I would also be concerned if a committee did not meet regularly to monitor health and safety or premises. I agree that some Committees may not need to meet unless there is something to discuss - e.g. perhaps a Policy Committee.
    A governing body has collective responsibility and one Governor should not be making decisions alone. If this system is adopted, there is going to be a lack of discussion between Governors. To my mind the sub-committee regime allows all governors to participate in the Governing Body rather than just one or two who wish to run the school alone.
    I would be interested to hear other points of view as well.
  2. Without trying to go into the legal side of things, I can share our practice if that helps.

    The full GB meets once a term, mainly to discuss relevant / important / forward thinking issues. We also have two sub-committees that look into Resource Management (School Buildings & Finance) and Teaching & Learning (Curriculum, Teaching & Community Issues). We have 'link' governers who create a relationship with a particular department and the staff who work in it, especially Maths, English, Sciences and Languages and they report back on an ad hoc basis what is going on, but this does not detract from the T&L committees role in any way as an overall body looking at the curriculum.
    We are also are beginning to use Working Parties (known in my corporate world as Project Teams) and these are formed for a specific time and subject reason and then disbanded once the issue has been resolved. This cuts down on the need for lots of meetings and replication of work.
    There is a helpful document (can't remember where we got it from, either Ofsted, DirectGov or NGA) that demonstrates the legal requirements in terms of roles and resonsibilities for GB's, HT's, Committees and singular governors, such as the CoG. If I can locate it I will post up here.

    Hope that helps?
  3. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    This the one you had in mind? On the NGA site.
  4. Patrickbob

    Patrickbob New commenter

  5. Thank you for your reply Patrick. Have downloaded the planner. Explains a lot.
  6. Patrickbob

    Patrickbob New commenter

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