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How do you use your VLE?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tennyson, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. I have recently been on training on our VLE (supplied by Frog). To what extent do your children use it? Do they manage their passwords ok?
  2. I have recently been on training on our VLE (supplied by Frog). To what extent do your children use it? Do they manage their passwords ok?
  3. greenpaddy

    greenpaddy New commenter

    Passwords generated by Fronter and sent home in a letter. Do not change as would have 490 children forgetting passwords constantly.
  4. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    I have been the co-ordinator for ours for the last three years. We have now decided that we will not continue to use it so the children that are currently using it will until they leave but no other children will be issued passwords.
    There were lots of issues with it to be honest and we have put an awful lot of time and effort into making it a success. The main issue is that it doesn't replace anything you do at the moment so it is all on top of what you do already which makes it less attractive to teachers.
    We did populate the subject pages but the children really just when on the message boards and didn't really use it as a learning tool. A positive is they did like to share their work with their parents but that was it really.
    Our e-learning advisors have all been given their notice and my friend in Gloucester has said their school have stopped using theirs because all their advisors are finishing next month so it is not being supported anymore.
    Notice the collalition government haven't mentioned it at all....
  5. I have wondered whether staff would bother sharing files, resources, etc, when we already use the common folder on our school server for that. We have a good website with lots of info for parents. Does the frog one replace our existing one?
  6. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    I use mine constantly, but have to say that I'd find it decreasingly useful as I moved down the year groups.
  7. paulie86

    paulie86 New commenter

    Yup sums up what I would say. Very useful for my Key Stage 3 science groups and I particulalrly enjoyed following them discusing some project work. I have never used it for my Year 6 class though. We use Moodle, which is fairly teacher friendly.
  8. I find this thread very disappointing because I used our VLE extensively when at my last school. Three main uses:
    1) interactive websites you want kids to use in lessons - for independent work or to practice to reinforce learning- saves loads of time when many would otherwise mistype the url ...
    2) to collect together the best sites in an internet search for what you want them to research - save loads of wasted time.
    3) to set sites where they can practice at home or give sites with educational but fun activities to get them enjoying and thinking - at home or when work is finished.
    4) store the best sites for the next year and the next ..... then you won;lt be struggling to remember how you found them and where you bookmarked them - all centrally done - home and at school
    Passwords are a pain. We gave every child their own name and year or entry as username for the school netowork and the VLE, and all children had the same password - just because a password was needed!

    I have set up VLEs for other schools, and in some of the smaller schools, all children login as pupil, with the password just a letter like p.

    Don't dismiss the use of VLEs

    Have a look at mine - email for the url!

    gertie (at) grumbles.me.uk

  9. I used mine extensively for my yr 6 groups. See above if you want to see how.
    All years groups above yr 1 used it, though more as they got older. Many at home.

  10. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    Playing devil's advocate here Gertie, but couldn't all of this be achieved with a couple of pages of 'Useful links' grouped by subject/year group/project/topic on the school website? Hosting of our website costs fabulously less than subscribing to our VLE provider.
  11. Indeed BB, could be done quickly and easily using a traditional website, but could all staff do this? Updating our school website used to be a right pain in the neck. You needed to understand bits and bobs of code, what could go in each box and how to sync it up to the web server - Now I sit back and watch as the entire staff update their own webpages with what they want on them! Sure a few password resets here and there but generally not a problem.
    I love using my VLE with my Y2 class and they have found it to be a real motivator in learning and I have demonstrated to schools in our area the impact it can have on raising pupil attainment. We need to ensure that pupils we teach leave our schools with the skills they need for life. As life becomes more ICT focussed then we owe it to the children we teach to ensure they have the skills to get the most out of it and use it discerningly.
  12. On the school website - it would be a big job for one person - the site is coded.
    On the VLE - we use Moodle, which is free, hosted on our RBC webspace - paid for anyway - and they actually install it, too!
  13. VLE's are definately going the way of the Dodo. Too much effort for too little reward.
    We used RM's KLP and it has been total rubbish-and we are a school where all teachers are engaged with IT. The list of problems is as long as your arm. One of the most common being that the platform would crash when kids tried to upload from home-so they'd type for ages and then click to upload-then it crashes causing total loss of the work they had done. This caused ferocious battles between kids/parents and parents/staff. We're dumping it.
    There are plenty of products out there that have really useful interactivity both at home and at school, where children can be allocated work to do either in class, during clubs or at home-but have nothing to do with a VLE. Many have intuitive classroom management tools as well.

    Check out Bug Club. We just got this for our KS1 and it is brill! We hope they're rolling out KS2 soon.
  14. School Boy Error

    School Boy Error Occasional commenter

    1 - I drag the little icon next to the address bar from Internet Explorer into a folder called Web Links on our Shared drive. Children access web pages I want them to from here and it takes less than 3 seconds to do. (5 if you rename the file) much quicker than putting a link on the VLE.
    2 - Same as above using a folder.
    3 - In all honesty, as I said before, I found our Year 5 and 6 children we trialled this with did not really use the academic contect at home but played around with honeycomb and the discussion board. I would say the more eager 10% did but certainly 90% didn't.
    4 - All of my websites links are saved in a folder on the schools shared area (see point one) and I copy this to my memory stick every once in a while.
    I agree with Beckton here. The main uses you have listed can all be achieved in a much simpler way.
  15. OK, but not accessible from home or out of school - for either teachers or pupils.
    If I am at home, surfing the web, and find a good site that fits in with a topic, I can login at home and add the link and children can access it the next day
    or I can add it to an existing topic, not in current use - ready for future use.
    Also, with the VLE, I can add them in order of study and hide the ones not yet needed, but have them stored inthe right place, ready for use, easily accessible by all.
    All my links are stored in order, in weekly sections, named and described as to exact content - not just a collection of anonymous links in a very full folder - which they would be otherwise!

    But each to his own!

    Having a moodle means to me - use it and get the value from it - especially as it is free!

    anyone who wants to see mine is welcome!

  16. Milgod

    Milgod Established commenter

    Don't slap me silly, but what is a VLE?
  17. Stands for Virtual Learning Environment.
    A website which is interactive and the children are able to store their learning, communicate with others and complete tasks.
  18. teachers-pet

    teachers-pet New commenter


    I'm supposed to be in charge of our VLE at school too. The problem is, during school time, there aren't many opps for chn to access the site. Therefore, we rely on chn having access to it at home. Teachers also don't seem to have the time to upload stuff onto it - and does it actually benefit the chn's learning or is it another burden on the workload? The best thing I find about mine is keeping in contact with my class during the evenings and weekends and holidays

  19. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    just remembered the blog I wrote about VLEs a qhile back, some relevant points in there...?

  20. I see it as being quite clear: If you can use it to make an impact on learning in your school then great.
    If it has no impact then stop wasting money on it and spend it on some other resources instead.
    Seems the sensible approach.


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