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How do you use data?

Discussion in 'Heads of department' started by catslovelycats, Feb 29, 2020.

  1. catslovelycats

    catslovelycats New commenter

    I’m applying for a Head of a English role and it’s a short turn around before the interviews. I want to start thinking about what they might ask and I’m conscious that I’m not very hot on how to read data. Can anyone give me any tips, please? Obviously it depends on what data you’re using as to what you’d do with it, but what kinds of things might a HoD look for?
  2. pianopete

    pianopete Occasional commenter

    As you say, it depends on what data you get but, as HoD I often get asked to consider the following things:
    - Any obvious areas of weakness (depends on data collection but could be a certain question, AO, set text that is weaker than others)
    - Variation in performance between teachers/classes (depends on reliability of data and whether you have sets/streams vs. mixed ability)
    - Strengths (or strong teachers) that can be celebrated/shared/used to develop the team
    - PP/SEN students - how are they performing vs. the cohort as a whole?
    - High/low prior attainment: are there patterns in the data - are the HPA students being pushed enough or coasting?
    - If you have data over time is there evidence of improvement? If the data does look better can you be sure this represents improvement e.g. is the data comparable? were the test conditions the same?

    Hope that helps a little and good luck with the application.
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  3. catslovelycats

    catslovelycats New commenter

    Thanks pianopete

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