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How do you teach the non-readers in your class?

Discussion in 'History' started by tiddlypoohsmum, May 8, 2011.

  1. tiddlypoohsmum

    tiddlypoohsmum New commenter

    Seeking advice on this one. I have a number of children in my year 8 classes who are 'non readers' and can barely write. Classes have 34 pupils of mixed ability. The top ability have reading ages of 15/16 and I feel like they need to be pushed a bit more to develop their analytical skills. However the weakest have reading ages of 7. In a couple of cases I've seen them reading the same books as my 5 year old. I do differentiate the work in that I have simplified sheets and tasks and textbooks with highlighted answers but some of them can't manage even when you read the highlighted answer to them. How the hell do you get them to comprehend topics like the English Civil War? Advice on how to cope with this huge gap in abilities with the classes would be much appreciated.
  2. Someone needs to address this weakness in reading as a serious matter of concern. What level of alphabetic code knowledge do these pupils have? Do they know how to apply code knowledge and blend new and challenging words - or is their reading reflex trying to guess many words - or do they 'skip' many words and try to get the gist of texts as well as they can?
    In other words, how do they read?
    Please do share your concerns with senior management in your school - and use some of the free phonics assessments (centre column of the homepage) and other resources, such as a version of the Giant alphabetic code charts which are free in unit 1, to teach these pupils how to read in a way that will serve them for a life-time.
    See www.phonicsinternational.com .
  3. tiddlypoohsmum

    tiddlypoohsmum New commenter

    You and I both know that someone should address the weakness as a serious matter of concern. However getting anyone to take up the concerns is the problem. Lots of staff murmer and agree how terrible it is and that something needs to be done because we are failing these kids. Trouble is nothing ever happens. The joke is we were ofsteded last month and received outstanding in our care of pupils with special needs because of the support they receive. I wonder what planet these people are on. I don't think having TA in the room scribing a child's work and helping them by reading text is really helping them at all. They need to learn to read for themselves to function in society. I don't think our SMT are bothered - it would cost money to resource. I'll certainly havea look at the resources you suggest although I'm not sure how I'll work them into history lessons with the other more able kids. Thanks for the link.

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