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How do you teach running to a group of 12 yr old boys? Help!

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by thofero, Sep 13, 2011.

  1. Love running but not a PE specialist....has anyone got any good relay games/activities which do not involve a competitive element?
  2. Sport22

    Sport22 New commenter

    Set up cones equal distance apart in a square (say about 15 m apart) pupils have to get to each cone by a certain time, so you could start by giving them 10 seconds, then reduce this time to 9, 8 etc. so they have to speed up each time to get to each cone. This makes them aware of speed.
    You could buddy them up over a cross country style run, pupils have to stay with their buddy, and pace their run. Highlight importance of not starting too quickly ( I find that most pupils run really fast to begin with!) and that you are more bothered about them running the whole course not stopping rather than who comes 1st, 2nd etc.
    Sprinting- get pupils to discover the correct way to sprint (maybe make a resource for this one) Get them to sprint the wrong way (hand by sides, wobbly heads, on their heels etc) and discover the correct way to sprint. Could also practice ladder drills for this - high fast knees.
  3. Google what you want and you will find a million drills.
    I do something similar as the above poster to explain pacing. Students start on a line and the 'course' (there and back) might be up to 50 metres long. On 'go' they run to the other line and back and have to get back at the specific time (NOT before it). I start with something like 30 seconds and they all bolt off like nutters, returning far too quickly - hence the importance of learning how to pace themselves. The time keeps coming down (repeating a particular time to enforce an event - "this is 400m pace", if you want) until they are near full speed. It also works as a bit of a fitness test; it easily shows the fitter, better runners.
    The lardies end up wasted and puking. It's great.
    Sprinting technique - hold crisps in finger tips, let jowls wobble etc etc, but again this is Google territory.


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