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how do you teach ratio?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by moved, Mar 26, 2008.

  1. bombaysapphire

    bombaysapphire Star commenter

    It is nicely done on Mymaths with arrangements of colours on a necklace. It links in with using multilinks or counters.

    For sharing in a ratio I start with them sharing out counters. It really helps them to grasp that sharing in a ratio of 2:3 means that each time you give out 5 counters.
  2. Thanks for the link cffoster, have had a quick browse and really enjoyed your articles.

    Look forward to reading more so keep them coming!
  3. thank you for all of your suggestions.

    I used the mymaths, and even got the money out of Pay Day. We got everybody out to the front and arranged themselves in patterns and groups according to all kinds of rules (hairstyle, house colour, glasses or not) They are fine on all of these - even to drawing their own necklaces - the problems start when it comes to interpreting the questions and writing quantities as ratios, more so when given a ratio and asked to simplify it.

    However, you have all given me lots to think about - lots more concrete examples rather than rushing into formalising it too soon, I think it's time to invest in new multilink cubes (we have some but I'm sure some get eaten every time they are used), going to try making squash in a lesson - thinking about using a clearly marked beaker so pupils can taking readings easily. Have previously considered the advantages of teaching pupils about betting odds but have hesitated - where is the line drawn between using it as a teaching aid, and encouraging gambling (wouldn't like to be seen to be corrupting the next generation!)
  4. Moomz - Thanks

    moved - Yes, I really think ratio is something where hands-on contexts are really useful, because even when they are at the point where they can write 3:6 = 1:2, etc, and do pages of these things, it doesn't mean they understand anything about ratio or what that equals sign is doing there, so messing around with fizzy orange or making repeating patterns with multilink or whatever really can help.
  5. Like Brookes, I always start with Ribena. It says 1:3 on the bottle, everyone knows that. But when you draw a jug or glass on the board, they all want to fill it one third full of Ribena syrup. Then I go on to pancakes, and it's obvious that if you double the eggs you have to double everything else.
  6. Came across that 'If the world were a village' today in the library. Am going to do that as revision for my Year 6's to do percentages, it's based on 100, then reading, writing large numbers, and ratio - by scaling up the size of the village.
  7. Shin0bi3Z

    Shin0bi3Z New commenter

    Here is a video that helped me and can definitely help you in the classroom.

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