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How do you teach entrepreneurship?

Discussion in 'Education news' started by Helenroe, Jan 19, 2020.

  1. Helenroe

    Helenroe New commenter

    We are running a free programme for 12-16yr olds with a simple aim:

    To create a generation of 16 year olds who have created their own personal revenue stream of £16000 per year.

    It’s called ‘Startup Sherpa 16x16’.

    If you know of any school we should chat to about our 16X16 programme (entrepreneurship for 12-16 year olds), then please get in touch!
    View attachment 32939

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  2. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    £1600 a year? isn't that more than Ingrained Ltd filed for 2019?
  3. g_jackson_esl

    g_jackson_esl New commenter

    but....that's a job, right?

    £16000 / 54 weeks in the year = £296.30 a week / 48 hour week = £6.17 per hour

    I guess this is one of those where you are 'self-employed' in order that your actual employer doesn't have to do things like national insurance, pension contributions or workplace rights huh
  4. Helenroe

    Helenroe New commenter

    Thanks for the message colpee. Just to clarify, the target is £16,000 (not £1,600 as you mentioned), and I'm guessing you are looking at the abbreviated balance sheet for Ingrained, which doesn't give you the info needed to calculate revenue. However, with that curiosity, would you like to join the adult Startup Sherpa programme - it's free (unless you want to pay something), so you are more than welcome.

    ...and just to add, Startup Sherpa 16X16 is completely free for schools, or any community group of kids.
  5. Helenroe

    Helenroe New commenter

    Hi g_jackson_est,

    Yep - it is a job - regardless if people end up creating and running their own business (either based on a product, or as them being self-employed), or they go into the world of working for someone else, making a living is a job full-stop. However, 'job' doesn't have to mean working 48 hours per week, 52 (or 54!) weeks per year. This is about helping people to explore ways of creating a business that provides them a living, and with the right work-life balance.

    This has nothing to do with self-employed, zero-hour contracts etc (and if they can build a business that makes £16k per year, they will need to pay taxes etc), but is simply there to help people learn and experience how you take an idea for a business, and test out if it would work, and then build their presence bit by bit, learning as they go. The skills to do this are equally valuable in the world of 'big business' who have to do just that to survive in today's tough markets. This is the skills gap - raising a generation of kids who have the creative problem solving skills that companies so desperately need.
  6. deepthipatel001

    deepthipatel001 New commenter

    Great. I will see it.
  7. colpee

    colpee Star commenter

    Nope. My curiosity was only piqued by yet another company proffering grandiose claims against little evidence.
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  8. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I will tell you if you can afford my fees!;)
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  9. thin_ice

    thin_ice Occasional commenter

    Copy and paste from a website sales page?
    Always happy to be convinced otherwise, but no place here.
  10. Shedman

    Shedman Star commenter

    How do you teach entrepreneurship?

    Maybe you should start up a company to offer training in it! ;)

    (OK I know Blazer beat me to this gag in post#8 but I didn't notice until I'd posted mine)

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