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How do you stand out in a teacher's in-tray?

Discussion in 'Science' started by EngineeringUK, Aug 15, 2011.

  1. EngineeringUK

    EngineeringUK New commenter

    Hi all,

    I was wondering if you have any ideas that could help me with a marketing conundrum I have about the best way to grab teachers? interest in a free STEM fair?

    I know you?re time poor and will get tons of marketing in the post every day so I wondered if you?ve seen anything that stood out to you that I could take inspiration from?

    The aim of the flyer/poster/invitation/whatever is to encourage teachers to bring their class or group of pupils to The Big Bang UK Young Science and Engineer Fair. The aim of The Big Bang is to excite young people about STEM and encourage them to consider STEM careers. Any thoughts about direct mail you?ve received or seen that has stood out among the piles you get would be very much appreciated.

    Here?s The Big Bang website for interest:



  2. Have you also considered marketing to home educators?

  3. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Actually, these days we don't get tons of marketing by post any more. My in-tray is often empty for days on end.
    To stand out, you need to have something that teachers can act upon. The problems with a day out at a STEM fair are:
    • cost of supply cover (even if it's in-house cover supervisors)
    • finance
    • permission slips, gettting the children to pay.
    • getting management to let us out
    • getting sutable number of adults off their regular duties to accompany the trip.
    • ensuring that the children aren't missing anything vital during the lessons that they miss that aren't STEM.
    None of these are impossible to get round, but they mean that the teacher needs the support of the school management or they have no chance at all.
    Best wishes,
  4. I have already booked the day out with SMT and intend to take science club members.
    Use the ASE, TES,BA and CLEAPPS news letters etc, this forum with a link when the booking goes live.
    Get the event plugged on Bang goes the theory as well. Kids watching this will be interested in a trip out from school or may well persuade their parents to attend on family day.
    We travelled down to London from Manchester last year and didn't get nearly enough time to see and do it all before we had to leave.
    I am lucky to work in a school with supportive SMT who are keen to provide extra curricula enrichment oppotunities for our students but even they are taking a close look at trips and costings as the cuts in education begin to bite.

  5. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    To be honest with all these sorts of things that arrive in my tray if the event isn't local (Birmingham) then it goes in the bin straight away as there is no point is paying lots of money for transport just to spend a couple of hours at an event no matter how whizz bang it might be.
  6. EngineeringUK

    EngineeringUK New commenter

    Thanks very much for your help everyone. It's given us some good food for thought and we'll definitely act on as many suggestions as we can. Miriam
  7. Blazer you're in luck as the Big Bang is in Birningham this year.

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