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How do you show progression in Music?

Discussion in 'Music' started by Nellypenell, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. Hi and thanks, but can you tell me a little more about this please?
  2. I've tried this in the past. You make the recordings and keep them in a file on your computer. The marks go on an Excel spreadsheet. I also write a comment next to the mark in a box with text wrapping. I then make a hyperlink which points at the FILE ON MY COMPUTER.
    The reason I have stopped is that I kept having to move files and directories and as soon as you do, the hyperlink stops working.
  3. Yep, i sorted this by keeping everything in our staff area and therefore not moving the files. SLT do regular work sampling so I can direct them to the spreadsheet. However I have a separate column with the file name in, so I could still easily find the files if OFSTED came calling.
  4. I don't record everything from every pupil and organise it - surely this is not a good use of time??? I keep track of assessment in relation to learning objectives for every pupil - Green if they've gone above, orange if they have hit it and red if below. I teach about 270 Ks 3 pupils who have an hour of music a week...how am I supposed to find the time to record their music from every lesson and put it in a spreadsheet etc??? Also due to the variety of different topics we cover they pick up different skills from different topics and so they can't always show progression as they are employing different skills.

    Do you record the work of every pupil in every lesson???!!! Then do you listen to every recording back and mark this or just have it there in case they come in?
  5. Yes, I agree ajh, there aren't enough hours in a day to record and file everything. Trying to assess music is very difficult given the criteria we work with. Keeping track of 510 students progress in a weekly 50-minute lesson is also difficult timewise. If I actually want to spend any time teaching, I can't do everything else I am supposed to do as well - I am pretty sure ofsted will name and shame me should they visit. Am I bothered? Not really.
  6. cmf


    I love the idea of the speadsheet, would it be possible to have a look at it?
  7. No!!! I wouldn't have a life. I record key things from each module - roughly 4 pieces per KS3 student per year. Sometimes I record other things as well, sometimes the students record things and upload to their user areas. I invested this year in lots of sony dictaphones - very good quality and the pupils are used to recording their work - especially those who work via ear/without notation - and it helps them remember them from one week to next. I don't keep copies of that unless it happens to be really good/something I want to evidence - I have lots of recordings of whole class singing for example as we record, listen, evaluate and then record again.
    We do listen to the recordings back as a class and evaluate - but only once per module unless it's a whole class recording.
    Can't remember who said they wanted to have a look - PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you a copy. The hyper links won't work though but you'd get the idea.
  8. We tend to try to record end of topics assessments, but as each topic is quite different it's hard to show progress! We're trialling passport to AfL in our departments in our faculty. This is intended to help students track their own progress from topic to topic. It's embryonic at the moment and it will be altered for next year.

    qu1annie - please could you send me a copy of your spreadsheet, sounds great! starfluf@hotmail.com thanks!
  9. Could I also have a copy of the spreadsheet? Danell61@hotmail.com

    Thank u!
  10. Aha, store the recordings in the staff area. Brilliant.

    And, no, don't record everything but do record key performances. Im trying to get some money to buy really cheap recorders so they can record themselves. Lazy teacher!
  11. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Lazy teacher? Not at all! To me it's 'students taking responsibility for their own learning process'.
  12. Will upload a blank copy of the spreadsheet to TES resources when I get a spare second at school tomorrow as I don't have a copy at home.

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