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How do you set your Maths groups in KS3 and KS4?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by dfranko80, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. dfranko80

    dfranko80 New commenter

    We are increasingly finding issues with how we set our maths groups. Setting 1-8 on ability is having its problems and i have heard of departments having different ways of doing this. Could you please share you depts ways of setting classes on ability.
    Thank you

  2. Used to have lots of problems with setting at my last school, every year there would be kids who had clearly been placed in the wrong set. The situation improved as we kept track of students' learning throughout the year, by regular topic tests. This meant that we had lots of data on students and so were more confident when moving a student into a different set, as we had reduced the weighting put on teachers' opinions.
    It worked for us. Having said that, if I had stayed at that school, I wanted to abandon setting in Key Stage 3. I now teach mixed ability in Key Stage 3... so much better.

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