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How do you plan to assess next year with the new EYFS profile?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by qualiteacher, May 10, 2012.

  1. we already highlight development matters in nursery at the end of each term so we will just continue this into reception, this is what we did for the e-profile using their learning journeys so shouldn't be too much extra work.
    also our LEA are producing a tracking sheet for use with this which you will put 46-60e/d/c (emerging/developing/confident) so you can show progression in the areas throughout the year because there is a risk they will be in the age bands for the whole year and therefore showing no progression
  2. No - I have only worked for LA as Teacher for all my career. I guess it must sound that way so I'll stop going on about it now! Trying to be helpful. It's a measure of how much difference it's made. I have read all your contributions however
  3. Im wondering why everyone on this thread seems so keen to keep on doing loads of observation when I understood that a key aspect of the latest changes was specifically to cut back on this?
    I am just a parent that couldn't get over how much stuff was recorded on my children which didn't seem necessary. If you don't have to have evidence for every little sign of a child's progress why keep doing it? Is it because LAs insist? Does senior management demand so much? I teach many more children at secondary level and am quite well informed about my classes without bucket loads of evidence. Maybe this is the wrong thread to chip in on - very big sorry- but I am bemused if anyone has time to explain.
  4. Would you (aacordu2) be kind enough to share your LA tracking grid on this website when t has been produced?
  5. YES! This is exactly what I am hoping someone will come up with. It is so difficult to show progress - especially if someone enters Reception working within the ELGs!!
  6. Hi there,

    I just found this thread and I *do* work for the company who make Look@Me, Learning Logic.

    I hope you don't mind me posting here in response to a couple of points.

    Firstly, while I do not know jtrevette, since they say their school was in the video on our site he must work for one of the pilot schools in Enfield who helped us develop Look@Me and use the finished product. It was born out of an idea from a EYFS teacher who came to my colleague, a retired Head Teacher with an idea she had to capture evidence quickly and easily.

    The product currently runs on iPod, iPad or iPhone (iPods cost around £160 I think) and has been updated to the new framework with optional tracking of development matters statements as some schools have expressed an interest in this.

    There is an online demo available on our site https://www.learninglogic.co.uk.

    It probably isn't a product for everyone but perhaps some will find it useful.
  7. Rach05

    Rach05 New commenter

    I think local authorities have done a good job on a lot of people and even when told you can reduce your paperwork load some folk feel unable to let go of the once hated but now comforting rules and totally unnecessary amount of observing and recording that has sadly become the norm. Teachers you can do it on your own- you know your children!!

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