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How do you plan to assess next year with the new EYFS profile?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by qualiteacher, May 10, 2012.

  1. Hi, we have been using the Interactive Learning Diary this year, saved us loads of time as we no longer need to collate books of evidence, cutting and sticking photos etc. The new EYFS Curriculum is already in there for us to see, layed out in an easy to understand format, in preparation for Septmeber. Really worth a look - www.interactivelearningdiary.co.uk [​IMG]
  2. pete72

    pete72 New commenter

    I like the look of this.

    Does it have the ability to put in some kind of ON ENTRY data?? and then at the end of Reception?

    Plus ..a cheeky question...but any ideas how much it costs?

  3. Sorry for late reply, yes you can enter on-entry data, then observe and assess right through reception. Not sure on costs, don't have anything to do with that but we must save a fortune now we don't print all those colour photos and use all that paper. Probably check their website www. interactivelearningdiary.co.uk but I think its based on number of classes.
  4. smileyallthetime

    smileyallthetime New commenter

    Hi ya, We are collecting evidence in the same way, obs, photo,s etc. We have bitten the bullet and made a new assessment book, based on a combination of the Development matters and the proforma that was in the "original" draft of July 11 based on the Emerging, Expeted and Exceeding. our school is expanding next year, so i just wanted something for us to start with. Who on earth is going to have time to implement a new EYFSP when all our energy will be spent ensuring the children starting on their school journey are happy....and enjoy this place called school, with weird and wonderful things like PE, and choosing time, book bags, trays, assembly, they deserve our full attention and Im fuming that yet again we will no doubt sacrifice our lives, time and energy...well simply because we care too much for the children not too. Good luck all xxxx
  5. Hi Karen
    The interactive learning diary looks brilliant but how is it costwise?
  6. But how do you propose to assess entry 'levels'? How do we show and 'measure' progress? And how will this be relayed to county? Or does this not matter any more?
  7. Hi,
    Having read that some of you say training has told you that we should only mark off ELG and use DM as a guide...my assumption for what I was planning on doing fits I think.
    I was going to have the 17 grids with the ELG goals in, and termly will highlight off phrases from each ELG is they have been achieved. Because there is about 3 points in each ELG it is impossible to take each one as a whole, and instead I will be splitting them a little. Therefore when it comes to the end of the year, if some/most of the ELG is highlighted the child will be 'emerging', if all is highlighted then the child will be 'expected' and if all is highlighted and extra evidence given then the child will have 'exceeded'.
    Because this is how I plan on doing summative assessment, I will do similar for formative...break the ELG down. E.G. for targets I may take one aspect of an ELG. E.G. for guided group sheets I will highlight the part of the ELG we are working on.
    Does this make sense and sound effective do you think? (until I hear anything different in Sept). It will still cut paperwork because I will still be assessing again the 17 ELG, but just highlighting parts of them throughout the year.

  8. we use 'look@me' it's so much better than that one - you don't transfer anything - photo, comment, scale point, term goes straight onto child's portfolio - parents have own pin so they can look & can also add their comments - they see the photo & the comment only - I love it. Have been teaching very long time - I won't go back to bits of paper!
  9. Hi jtrevette
    What is 'look@me'? It sounds great but I can't seem to find anything about it.
  10. The support has been fantastic from the look@me team - we love using our iphones - especially knowing we don't have to spend any more time sending ourselves emails, photos etc as it goes straight onto the children's books. I have 60 nursery children & after work I look at the children I've added items for (it shows you the day's input) & check for any spellings or add to my comments. The great thing is not lugging home all the books & it's so nice to sit with the laptop & the parents at keyworker meetings - I even add my next steps & parents comments with them straight onto it. For the reports this week it's really helpful too. It also gives me a tab for coverage & a block graph to watch progress! Have a look at www.learninglogic.co.uk - we are the school on the demo of look@me. Hope u like it!
  11. Hi jtrevette, this does look good however we would not be alowed to use mobile phones in the classroom due to child protection issues, my head is quite hot on this.
    Later this year we are implementing tablet PC's/iPads which do similar things I think within the Interactive Learning Diary and starting from September parents will also be able to view their childs porfolio and add their own obervations.
    How much is look @ me? Be great for my head to compare costs as the ILD rates have been reduced greatly for the coming year.
    Whats the general concensus about mobile phones in the classroom? Any other online systems worth looking at?
  12. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Given that there will be changes in September I would be wary of spending large sums on resources that might not be necessary or unusable
  13. MissMistoffelees

    MissMistoffelees New commenter

    Like the idea of collecting evidence in a computerised way; we do quite a few post-it note observations though; can you type on a phone directly into the app they have for the look@me one?
  14. The iphones have no sim - we cannot make calls etc. Our school is v keen on ICT generally - next year the system is going into KS1. Before children start we explain (part of the Welcome/induction for new parents) & everyone is given option to refuse. So far no one has. Every family gets a detailed form explaining & we must have signatures of permission. We find the smallness of iphone v useful - in the pocket/mine is always to hand. Each of us has our own pin & log in (like the parents) but our page has more. I really like the video (it replaces narrative obs) & these are NOT available for parents - I show at keyworker mtgs. The children like skimming through with us - they're better at ICT than me! I had videoed a Mum reading a story in class & her child asks to watch it often. I think we'll have to see what happens with the new framework - but we'll still have to have evidence - look@me have had discussions about how best to put on the changes. It's wait & see but I'm sure it'll be quicker & easier than bits of paper/photos. People visit school a lot to see it in action - they seem keen. Yes you do type directly onto the comment box you can change it later. Re post its - I don't do any but I have 3000 obs on it
  15. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    So you are talking about £400+ per staff member (sim free i phone) plus cost of the system?
  16. sorry - have no idea! our ICT leader had the idea & it grew from there - she can dip into everyone's to see how things are going. The 3 of us have iphone each, reception have 4, but Daycare share 1 iphone. The school is all apple - so CTs have macbooks anyway. The laptop works the same way - I check my notes/obs etc. on it - & the 2 NNEBs use my laptop or the school system. I must save hours & hours though - no trekking to the not-working photocopier, inks, paper, gluesticks, my time is much better spent I think because it's so instant. I can look through the 60 & monitor much more thoroughly & quickly. Last year the parents liked their CD roms at the end of the year instead of 'special books', but this year it's going to be pdf. We will provide if people haven't got computers.
  17. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    beyond my budget
  18. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    do you work for them jtrevette?
  19. LauraJeanD

    LauraJeanD New commenter

    I was just thinking that Msz...
  20. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I'm pleased it's not just me [​IMG]
    I just found it odd the only posts jtrevette has made are to extol the virtues of this product


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