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How do you plan for KS4?

Discussion in 'Music' started by manuscript2007, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. manuscript2007

    manuscript2007 New commenter

    I've recently returned from maternity leave to be told that there were complaints about the planning I had left for the GCSE students.
    I had left an extremely detailed curriculum map for the entire year, complete with resources to be used, links, signposting to recommended recordings/video clips etc etc. It took me ages to complete it and to be honest, I was proud of myself for getting that much done whilst heavily pregnant. Is this not enough?
    How do you plan for your KS4 lessons? Do you do lesson-by-lesson plans?
  2. Crowbob

    Crowbob Established commenter

    Who had complained? And, to who?
  3. You did all of this and someone complained? Who was on maternity cover? Someone being paid to do their own planning and resource finding I would suggest.......
  4. Question: Was amternity cover provided by a specialist music teacher or in some other way?
    Question 2: Exactly what was the nature of the complaint.
    I've not been in this situation (not having a womb) but I can imagine that the planning I do for my KS4 that I am to deliver would be different from the planning I would do for someone else to deliver.
  5. I was more wondering why the planning was left as the job of someone who wasn't doing any of the teaching for the year. I appreciate that anyone responsible wants to look after their department/classes, which certainly seems to be the case here. I have a member of staff who has gone on maternity, she has left no plans, I haven't asked her to and wouldn't dream of it. The person who is taking her position on a temporary contract will be paid to do the necessary planning, as would have also been the case here. If it was a non specialist that is the schools choice and as such, their problem to deal with. If the person taking our temporary contract has any issues then it will be my job as HoD to deal with that and I will happily do so. I would be hugely grateful if a member of my staff had gone to the lengths you have, I would most definitely see it as above and beyond the call of duty. You've effectively done most of someone else's work for them, the fact that complaints were put in astonishes me, it really does.
  6. Agree with the above. No way should you be planning because you are having a baby. That's appalling and then to complain about it too..I was off sick for two weeks and set cover every day from the sofa after an op. I didn't have to and simply did it as a favour. Someone complained. I took no notice. Why should I? I had set the work, they just got a shock cause they actually had to teach something rather than sit there reading the paper for 50 min. I have done so many cover lesson where a) there was no work b) the work lasted a fraction of the lesson c) the kids had already done the work..you cope with it and appreciate that it is a lot of work to set cover and instead of complaining, you muck in and support each other. This kind of thing is really appalling. We are supposed to be a team.
    You went out of your way to plan and if they couldn't follow it, despite very simple instructions, then it's their problem. How dare they.
  7. manuscript2007

    manuscript2007 New commenter

    Yes it was a specialist music teacher, someone who had previously been HoD in two different schools, so should really have been able to manage!
    Apparently they said there wasn't enough SoW etc, when I put a variety of flexible schemes (any of them could have been done with any of KS3) and each SoW is really detailed due to previous staff needing step-by-step from me in order to do anything.
    It irritated me to come back and hear that, when I had gone to a lot of trouble to make sure there was stuff there. Fair enough, we all teach in different ways and maybe the supply thought the SoW were too pedantic etc, but there was plenty there, and bottom line is the KS4 is also supported by two exam textbooks, so if my stuff was so awful then just teach from the book!!!
    Thank you very much for your support, I do feel loads better for reading those comments.
  8. I would take the 'water off a ducks back approach', I appreciate it must have been annoying to return to but this is just someone unnecessarily whining. If they are a specialist and they didn't like the plans they should have used a grain of their own intelligence and effort and adapted them so that they were happy. If they've been HoD in two different schools they should have know better than to expect to be spoon fed. I would imagine their previous post is part of the problem, they probably just wanted to highlight what they would have done better - shame they didn't apply any of their bright ideas. Leave them to it, their complaint is absolute balls, I would completely dismiss it.
  9. They were probably hoping you wouldn't return and they would get the gig. 'Highlighting' your 'inadequacies' in planning was part of their master plan!
  10. casper

    casper New commenter

    I have just been off work for this half term. Had breast cancer a few years ago, lots of treatment only had 6 months off school. Had reconstruction operation this half term so was off for 6 weeks. I left cover work that could be done as long as someone had some musical skill. My year 11 had left, Coursework all marked sent in and the exam over. So I waited until all that had happened before having the operation.I went through hell and back when I was went back after 6 months, especially with GCSE. The work I had left had been ignored. took me ages to plan.

    This time I went through the work to be completed with my year 10. Gave them work to complete and said this is what they do. I left e mails with various key people in school to cover myself. After 4 weeks off the school had their 3 rd supply teacher in my department. I also left info on various teaching resources and a website which i had subscribed to and paid for myself leaving the username and passwords.

    I expect to return to chaos, but I did my best. That is all you can do.

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