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How do you organise your hometime routine?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by c0ldplay, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. c0ldplay

    c0ldplay New commenter

    We have 2 reception classes in a shared class. After story time we gather most of the children together (SEND children are split into a quieter area of the class to wait) and handout book -bags, lunch boxes etc. Then we call each child's name as each parent/carer is spotted and the children are 'released' to their appropriate adult. The problem is it becomes VERY NOISY and hectic. It isn't a pleasant way to end the day. Do any of you have tried & tested methods for a calm/quiet end to the day?
  2. Celticrosie125

    Celticrosie125 New commenter

    Have you tried to use calming music?
  3. Sir Cumference

    Sir Cumference New commenter

  4. May2

    May2 Occasional commenter

    We don't hand out lunch boxes and book bags. They keep book bags in their drawers and lunch boxes by their coat pegs. At the end of the day after activities they collect their own book bags, lunch boxes and coats and put them one of the tables before sitting on the carpet for story. At the end when we see their parent they are called from the carpet and collect their stuff before leaving
  5. claudette_A

    claudette_A New commenter

    It's a matter of logistics & timing of activities that works best for you in the best order. Do all the "noisy" stuff first and finish with wind down activities:

    Redesign using a flow chart
    1) Tidy up classroom (noisy)
    2) Sit down for story time (quiet)
    3) Get bags & coats (noisy-now they're in noisy mode)
    4) Hand out letters & work to kids (noisy)
    5) Parents come see children messing around with paper and bags. [YOU'RE GONNA END ON A NOISY NOTE]

    1) Tidy up classroom (noisy)
    2) Get bags and coats-get up & down (noisy)
    3) Hand out letters and put in bags or if important give letter to parent at door.
    -End on a quiet activity
    4) Storytime (quiet)
    4a) Songs on youtube (controlled noise)
    4b) Circle time game (quiet)
    4c) Show and tell
    4d) Youtube video(educational)
    5) Call children, other children busy with carpet activity
    6) Water bottles by the door(take as they go out)

    Logistic wise you need someone at the carpet to conduct the last carpet activity to keep them busy and someone at the door to call the children.

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