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How do you motivate a team of form tutors?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by BuryFCA1, Jun 27, 2011.

  1. BuryFCA1

    BuryFCA1 New commenter

    I have just been made a HoY for Sept 2011 and I have heard on the grapevine that a few of those form tutors have given up on their forms. The only thing I can think of so far is to try and create a sense of teamwork and community and get us all pulling in the right direction in that sense. Also, support the form tutors by having a presence in the forms and not to make them feel under pressure. Any other advice greatly appreciated!
  2. Bribe them with sweeties / gin. Works for me....
  3. They never will be read or signed by their parents unless you chase them up. I really do hope that you were joking about getting them to forge your signature.
  4. LiamD

    LiamD Occasional commenter

    I've worked under some great HOYs. They're the ones who deflect the torrent of daft ideas from above. JMO
  5. mpc


    Best HOYs are the ones who lead from the front.
    Perhaps offer to take a tutor group from each tutor from time to time?
    Be around to deal with problem kids. Back tutors (even if you think they're not right).
    Reduce admin to absolute minimum and the ploy that works best with me, tell me when I'm doing a good job.
  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    We are constantly told that we must set HW because the parents want it. I would suggest that the fact that 90% of HW diaries are not ever signed by a parent contradicts this. I don't see it as my job to chase parents (through their kids) to sign these. The forging was tongue in cheek although I have suggested it too them at times. I can still do my FT's signature 40 years on!
  7. phlogiston

    phlogiston Star commenter

    Tutors don't work well if they have pointless activities and no resources to deliver them.
    If you want them to do some activities either make sure the groups have the activiites available in the appropriate whiteboard format or as paper copies.
    Don't programme in too many activities more appropriate to an earlier stage of education or any of that brane jim stuff.
    Having said that sometime tutors can find it difficult to motivate their groups. Try and be seen by students as well as tutors and explain why you value the tutor tasks. Make sure the students know that you expect them to participate. Ultimately it will depend on how much the management of the school values tutor time and how much they are prepared to support and encourage you in getting the stuff done.
    Make sure that tutors are kept in the loop with students who need support - there have been times when I have seemed to be the last person to know things. One year I didn't even get shown copies of the end of year reports.
    Congratulations on getting a head of year job (both of the earlier posters). I think that it's one of the hardest jobs in a secondary school. Make sure you get some allies.
  8. As a form tutor, these are things that I have appreciated/would appreciate
    1. Assurance of and then definate presence of HOY during tutor time on occasion - supporting etc.
    2. An open door policy for any concerns teachers have
    3. A pack in Sept containing what form tutors need - some tutor report cards, missing planner cards, uniform cards etc, plus a sheet of stickers or packet of sweets to give as prizes/rewards/incentives.
    4. Dependant how your school pastoral time is set up, some ideas of activities and/or fill in things. I'm not sure it should be your responsibility to set up the entire program for tutor time, but perhaps if you say you will send out a topic "for discussion" (it's called Have your Say) in our school - and then provide a slide on powerpoint with a discussion in the news (last weeks was should the teachers be striking, with some basic info etc so pupils could discuss). Also perhaps suggest other activities - a set time for pupils to raise issues they are having with the school building/ideas for improvements (student voice etc). Or a quiz each friday with a prize for the best tutor group? Or news time (my group are yr8 and love "show and tell"!). Also some games for fill in - if you google 10 seconds to name and search powerpoints there are some great ones out there that teachers could use on the occasion they have 5mins spare to fill.

    Hope this helps?
  9. Some great advice given already. Here are a few more pointers to add:
    - Always finish meetings on time. Have an agenda and some idea of time to be spent on each bit - don't overrun by getting sidetracked. Agree to give the item further consideration in the next meeting or by discussing with interested parties at another time.
    - Having a tutor pack for the first half term is a must with the key aspects that you need to be covered outlined.
    - Listen to your tutors. When I was HOY I had some amazing tutors who had done it for years, could see pitfalls and problems before I did in some ideas but who also tried to come up with better solutions. There may be some aspects that can be decided by the year team rather than just you which is good for morale.
    - Reassure tutors that when you drop into tutor time you are coming to check on the students not them and that you are there to support.
    - Bring biscuits or something yummy and organise drinks for the meetings - always much appreciated.
    Best of luck with the new job - enjoy!

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