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How do you manage your new reception class intakes in Sept?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by Honey Loop, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Honey Loop

    Honey Loop New commenter

    We have small groups of reception in each day. To give an example - on the Monday we will only have 5 children in, who will spend all day getting to know the routines, rules, lunch routines, etc. We baseline them the same day
    On Tuesday, we repeat with a different group. (The Monday group do not return until the following week) Same on Wed, Thurs and Friday. Each group only does 1 day the first week back
    The following week, we take all children in. No-one is 'top dog' they all start with the assessments done so we can get on with building relationships.
    The same week, we repeat the same routine with the new nursery intake.
    This works really well for us and crying is usually minimal as parents are able to stay for as long as they feel they need to during these transition days. (Most leave pretty quickly, anyway)
  2. I've used many different induction models over the years and this September I shall be trying a new version, which will make the part-time period shorter.
    One thing I think is very helpful is having children attend mornings only, giving us afternoons to meet as a team and discuss information we are gathering, baseline judgements, getting an on-entry picture for every child.
    This coming year we shall have the children who have not attended our nursery for two days on their own. Then we'll add the younger half of the children who have attended our nursery for two days, and finally add the oldest children also part-time for two days. So that would then be all the children in. The second day with everybody will start at 11.30, include a lunch and then children will stay for an afternoon. After that we're all in full-time, which would be the beginning of the third week.
  3. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    I always invite the children who haven't attended the FSU to spend the last week of the summer term with us.
  4. I am hoping to modify the arrangements at my new school this Sept. I would like to have half the class ams only in the first week and half pms, giving a smaller group so we can spend more time with each child, but allowing us to mirror what we do am/pm, then go full time for all in the second week (before we have several weeks phased induction with older children starting part time and younger full time and an overlap and this was hard to plan and coordinate). The question is where do we do home visits, which I do not want to lose? We used to do them in the afternoon of the first batch of part timers.Does any one close the setting to do these?
    Also can I ask what everyone does in the way of stay and play sessions? My new school has a series of these in the summer term, where the existing class has to leave the classroom and camp out in the school hall. They are run by the TA's, with the teachers staying with the existing children. I feel strongly that I should be at the stay and play session(certainly the first one) to meet new parents and answer their questions. We have a double cohort (2x30) both now and in Sept. Has any one got a good idea of how to organise stay and play for this with minimum disruption to existing children and how many sessions do you think we need? Does anyone close their setting to do this?
    My feeling is that although induction /transition plans are really important , some children will have settling issues, however many times they come to stay and play.
  5. A school near ours closes the setting for the first week, where it does all the home visits. 2nd week, all the children start, half come for the morning, half for the afternoon. On the thurs and fri of that week, they all stay for lunch- so the morning and afternoon children get a chance to meet during lunch and the play time after they eat. Then the mornings go home, and the afternoons stay.
    Week 3, they are all full time.
    I'm trying to pick the best ideas and make them in to a model that we can use!
    Our school likes the parents to come with the children for their first lunch. The school above does this in Summer term, so that's over with before Sept.
    Thanks for everyone's ideas so far, anyone else?
  6. Hels80, I really like the sound of that system, thanks for posting it.

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