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how do you inform parents who governors are and what their role is?

Discussion in 'Governors' started by yorky, May 27, 2011.

  1. yorky

    yorky New commenter

    We know at our school that parents on a whole have no idea who the governors are (not even names, let alone faces) nor what their responsibilities are etc. How does your school deal with this?
    We've considered holding a govenors surgery (ie few sat there on given days for parents just to approach), or possibly a newsletter of some sort (not sure how much detail of governors meetings to put in?) or a notice board with photos..........

    any ideas/ experience greatly appreciated

  2. We have a notice board with the governors on it, including photo's, plus it is on our school website.
    At parents evenings we always have some governors available for any parents to approach.
  3. Our school questionnaire for the 2 years I've been on the GB has had an embarrassingly low response when the parents are asked if they know who the governors are so I do empathise. However in our defence, this is not for lack of effort!
    We have a notice board with all staff and governor photos as pp mentioned and last summer (and planned for this term) we sent a letter home with all our photos and a short message summarising what the GB had been up to during the year. As COG I attended the meeting held for parents of children who will be entering reception in September to introduce myself and give a quick summary of what the GB do. We had a governor present at most parents' evenings (although recently these take place all day so not so practical any longer). Last year I sat at the entrance to the summer fete a) to sell raffle tickets & b) to get my face known!
    Could you ask the HT if you/a member of the GB could do the 'welcome' at the start of the end of term show/Christmas panto/Nativity/class assemblies perhaps?
  4. yorky

    yorky New commenter

    realised I read ideas and never thanked anyone for them. ALL being tried out, as our response is also negative! Additionally we are sending out Governor news letters to all parents after each full GB meeting.
  5. 1. Governor notice board - once we have all the governor pictures updated it will have our photos on it, until then I have a sheet which lists out all of the governors, their role, and the positions they hold within the governing body.
    2. I write a column for the weekly school newsletter at least once a half-term and after every full GB meeting updating parents on what the GB has done.
    3. We have a table at parent evenings and have started running a creche for parents during parent evenings (hopefully in partnership with the PTA in future)
    4. As a parent governor, I am at the school gate most afternoons.
    5. Minutes from GB meetings are posted on the notice board.
    6. GB section on the school website
    7. I've been attending induction days for parents of incoming reception children to speak to parents about what we do.

    And probably other things I've forgotten.

    Even so, I'm willing to bet money that we still have parents (and people in the community) who have no idea what a governor is, let alone who they are.


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