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How do you improve Sixth Form attendance and punctuality?

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by thegreatbonzo, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. I'm interviewing to become Head of Year 12 and I want to have some really good ideas about improving Sixth Form attendance and punctuality. It's definitely a big issue in our inner city comp.

    I'd be massively grateful if anyone has some good ideas on this. I've only taught in our school and only started three years ago.

    Thanks so much!

  2. My biggest challenge every year!!
    EMA had made no difference whatsoever. The only strategies that have ever worked ( and even then not with all of them) is an attendance contract which states they will leave if they fail to adhere to it and signed by the student and parents, along with a daily report (effectively their timetable) which has to be signed by every teacher for every lesson and then returned to me at the end of the week. The shame of being treated like a pupil in KS3 or KS4 has been quite effective.
    At the end of the day if they don't attend regularly they go - this sometimes shocks the others into improving their attendance.
    I'd love to see what other Heads of Sixth Form do.
  3. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    I'm impressed you're able to make this happen - most schools seem to be desperate to keep their 6th form numbers up and will ignore complete lack of effort or prospect of actually passing the A level because if the numbers drop so does funding..
  4. I teach quite a bit of 6th form....some of my students' attendance is frankly shocking. I teach ICT and Computing (this one's a bit hard so need some attendance at lessons!!). I've got a smallish class. One person's attendance is just about 60%, another is 75%ish and another 85%ish. Hmmm, two of these are getting grades well below their target grades...BUT who is the one in trouble when they don't get target...ME!
    You have to be really bad to be kicked out of our place...bums on seats needed!
  5. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    I think it is the same in many places. The only word of advice is that students should understand that there are clear processes.
    We don't get in the position of Sixth formers leaving due to attendance because we have a system that increases the consequences, the worse that attendance and punctuality gets. It is important that the worst offenders realise the different stages. This system allows us not to get to the sticky situation of going through with an expulsion.
    So to explain the stages......
    1. Report Card with tutor
    2. Report card with Sixth Form office (parents informed) + meeting with Head of Year
    3. Report card with Head of Year+ parental letter informing them of the situation and potential of expulsion
    4. Parent and student interview with Head of Year and Head of Sixth Form (last chance)
    5. Out if no improvement
    Also, we 'reset' lateness statistics each term.
    So, as you can see, there is quite a bit of work here, but students get the message as the consequences escalate. It usually does the trick [​IMG]
    PS. Another strategy is when speaking to a student whose attendance is poor we do remind them that it is optional being in the Sixth Form and there are other options. This usually leads to a Careers interview, and the student then deciding maybe they should be elsewhere - what I call D.O.R - Drop on request ! - I loved 'An officer and a Gentleman with Richard Gere - PHWOOOR !!!

  6. Thanks so much for these - one question - what would you define as a good target for 6th form attendance? 95%? 90%?
  7. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    The problem here is that Sixth Formers maybe involved with trips, day outs, University open days and also following up why students weren't in.
    So, a good target is always 100%, but in reality, for those that maybe a concern, my cut off is 85%.

  8. In response to PaulDG - it's not a regular occurrence - only two this year! However, justifying poor A level results due to non-attendance doesn't wash with my Head so there are times when I have to ask them to leave - usually when attendance has got as bad as 75% and no amount of parental involvement, report cards etc have worked.
  9. In FE they are.

    One VI form I worked had used different codes for attendance and students were allowed tim off, with proof in advance, that didn't affect their attendence record for things like uni interview (code I on register), practical driving test (P), religeous holidays etc
  10. There is a code we use for 'over 16 and doesn't need to be in school' which covers things like free afternoons on their timetable, etc. It then records them as present in the overall figures. I'm assuming different authorities use different codes but whoever deals with attednace in your school should be able to sort this one out.

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