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How do you get into teaching in FE colleges unqualified, when you're..um, unqualified?

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Matineeidol, Aug 17, 2009.

  1. Oh yes!! The FE equivalent of a black hole - sucks all 'work' in but never lets any out!
    We have just toughened up our 'file check' system. We post a list on Monday, collect in on Tuesday and give back with a chat on Wednesday! IN FE??!!??!!?!!
    I too used to take away the file's I couldn't bear to look at - til I realised that I had robbed that student of a learning experience - now I patiently explain, again and again, how the alphabet can be useful, or even the Index of Chapters in a text book! Stunned, almost explains their expressions!!!
  2. Index of chapters in a book? Heavens, you have quite sophisticated students pobble.
    At th beginning of the year I gave each student a lever arch file and dividers. I then went through the system with them eg subject a) goes into the section marked a), and subject b) etc... most of them couldn't even do that so I had to have an entire session with them one day where they had to take their files apart and put them back together in the right order......put handout a) here and worksheet b) here...... I felt a bit like Joyce Grenfell! "where is your handout Johnny? Don't do that George; empty out your bag Chardonnay that piece of paper is in there somewhere; George!"
    Aaaaggghhh - bangs head on desk.
  3. I think you are all very lucky. I have numerous FE students who, after being on full time courses since September, still (in May) do not bring pens, folders or bags with them!!!
  4. They want to know if you can differentiate between schoolkids and adults.
    I appreciate that this is probably too late butthat is, I think, the gist of it!
    How will you teach art to a group of almost adults - think growing independence, ownership etc!

    And good luck!!
  5. So true unfortunately! My pet hate is at week 8 or 9 into an 11-week unit - unit 5 for e.g.: "What unit is this?"

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