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how do you feel about buying "second hand?"

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by emmamc252, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. emmamc252

    emmamc252 New commenter

    just wondering how people feel about buying "second hand" items for baby? just starting to think about the things that we need and have been having a look on ebay. From an initial look I think we could save aobut 2/3rds the price of items if we bought them second hand off ebay.
    we are lucky enough to be getting a "barely used" bugaboo pram from my sister, and a cotbed that her little one has slept in about 6 times and has now been replaced with "car bed"
    obviously we will buy new mattresses and bed linens (we;re not that cheap) but just made me think about other things we want, for example,
    I really want a Mama and Papas baby swing, only lasts 6 months and new is about £100, ebay used in excellent condition £30
    Moses basket, don't think we will use it much/for long so don't really want to spend a fortune, a nice one on ebay again excellent condition is aobut £20-£30 as opposed to £60-£90 online.
    defiantely will buy a NEW car seat for obvious safety reasons, and not sure what else we would consider buying second hand, but even things like "bumbos" are about £10-£15 in excellent condition, which ok is only a £15 saving, but a few things like that add up.
    just not sure how I feel about it, what are your opinions.????
  2. I love buying and selling second hand. The vast majority of stuff comes with far more love and care and best wishes attached than you could ever imagine. It generally comes from people who can't bear to chuck it out and want it to go to somewhere it will be loved and used.
    Just plan in for the odd dodgy purchase. Waist elastic in trousers tends to be more shot than people realise. The occasional thing goes missing. But if it does go wrong do say. Most people like to sort it out. Sometimes we've agreed a different outfit instead for example.
    I remember I sold a box full of all the clothes you could possible need for a new born baby girl on ebay for about £2. It even included ugg type boots! I packaged it all up with white tissue paper. I just imagined someone like me - having a panic at about 35 weeks and put together exactly what they would need and would love to receive.
    Good karma. Good fun.
    lol weebecka.
  3. hi,
    I do not see anything wrong with buying things second hand -
    Our LO has had moses basket, a swinging chair thing, sling, loads of toys etc all second hand from friends/family,
    like you say some things i would not do - like car seat but otherwise -save yourself the money - they use these things for such a short amount of time

  4. so it wasn't a good idea to but the car seat on ebay and get it posted then?[​IMG] xxx
    Oh well she's out of that size now.
    But she has learned how to brace herself in a particular way so that when we fasten the straps on the current seat she can unravel herself and climb out as we're driving up the motorway.
    Ho hum.
  5. Almost everything we have for her is secondhand - crib, changing unit, bumbo, sling, breastpump, bfing pillow, vests and babygrows, bouncy chair, playmat, blankets, bath support. All my maternity clothes were secondhand via eBay or NCT. I don't think anyone is precious about secondhand stuff anymore. I will be sticking it all back on ebay to make some pennies back too!

  6. I think secondhand is fabulous. Saves money, wastes less (babies and all the stuff that goes with them are very un-environmentally friendly, really) and gives children a culture of not having everything new and shiny and expensive. Also you can get things you otherwise couldn't afford. Win. Win. Win!
  7. More than happy to buya lot of stuff second hand- baby bundles of clothes, play gym, bumbo... why pay full price?

  8. We got all our mamas and papas nursery from ebay - cost and 1/3 and looks fab. I think the issue with carseats is you can't guarantee they haven't been in a crash.
  9. Second hand all the way - for several reasons:
    - Baby doesn't know or care, and would probably rather have parents with less financial worries than a shiny icandy apple and new mamas and papas everything. And I bet would also prefer to grow up in a world where consumerism has less of an impact on the economy and environment. Lovely as they are, shiny new things are more for the parents to enjoy than the little ones.
    - Baby items more than anything else have usually hardly been used, and many people look after things well as they know they intend to sell them on.
    - You can afford to buy better quality than you otherwise might e.g. our beautiful solid wood nursery wardrobe and cupboard/drawers - £100 each from ebay good as new, or almost double that price just for the cheapest flat-pack rubbish from Argos.
    - There is no need for items to be manufactured new, wasting energy and raw materials, when there are perfectly good items already out there.
    - Clothing, bedding, etc etc are all washable and in my opinion perfectly acceptable to get second hand - as soon as my baby has worn them/slept in them/puked on them they will be second hand anyway and will be washed just the same, so what's the problem?
    - I am happy to have accepted two different sized car seats from friends and family who I know have had them from new and have not been in an accident with them, which I think is an ideal way round the safety issue.
    Basically, everything we have has come from friends, family, freecycle, ebay, NCT sales... and I'm more than happy with that. I'd say if anything I'm more likely to feel smug/proud than embarrassed about buying second hand - I really don't think there's any stigma involved and it just makes sense in so many ways.
    I have had SPD during my pregnancy and have benefitted hugely from regular private chiropractic treatment (I was getting nowhere with the NHS and on a very fast downhill slope towards being immobile). This will have cost several hundred pounds by the time our baby arrives and I can honestly say it's the best decision I ever made and the best money I have ever spent. The cost of a posh new travel system really puts it in perspective - added to the fact of course that if we'd spent our pennies on one of those instead of getting me help for my poorly joints in good time, I would most likely be unable to walk and push the bloomin thing anyway!
    I can also honestly say I wouldn't give a stuff if other people didn't like the fact that I was getting things second hand - why worry? [​IMG]
  10. Paradoxicalgirly

    Paradoxicalgirly New commenter

    Our baby will be having the vast majority of its stuff second hand! Its cot will be 42 years old (ie my age, as it's the one my parents bought for me!)
  11. I don't really use ebay or freecycle, but borrowed as much stuff as possible from my cousin. She gave us tons of things which was great as big baby was out of the moses basket when he was three months. OH trawled internet to find the cheapest price for what we got new (just the steriliser and pram). I have kept the baby clothes for bambino number 2.

    Para, how cool to be using your old cot, that's lovely!
  12. Everything of my sons is second hand apart from his cot, pram and car seat. All of his toys are at least second hand, some of them fourth. It's crazy to buy everything new as most baby stuff is hardly used!
  13. I will buy as much things as I can second hand, good high street sales or borrow from family, all for the same reasons as everyone else who has posted. But an added reason for me personally to save is that OH and myself want me to spend as long as possible with baby (thinking about 10 - 11 months maternity leave) and that's our priority.
    I'm only 9 weeks and when I went shopping in Matalan the other day and saw the massive bargains, I was soooo tempted to buy lots of things, but it's too early for us to buy yet.
    Plus, don't forget all the pressies you'll be getting [​IMG] The more you can save, the more you can put that 'extra' money in to something special as a family (in my case, longer maternity leave!) x
  14. My old cot is still in use upstairs. I repainted it for my kids. Sadly now one of the side struts is broken since four chidren climbed in it and managed to tip it over........... Oh well - I think it's done its job (nearly - I'm going to keep LO (on the right on the tyre) imprisoned in it as long as possible - for some reason I cannot fathom she has not realised she could easily climb out of it yet[​IMG]).
  15. We've also done really well on ebay etc and have now bought a secondhand cotbed - we've been offered the mattress that goes with it too, and I'm not sure about it. What do people think? t's from a friend of a friend although not someone I know and has been used for 3 years - I've heard that 2nd hand mattresses are a bad idea but don't know why.
    weebecka - you're so naive - she's secretly climbing out every night and sneaking out down the drainpipe to meet her party animal boyfriend [​IMG]
  16. I would prefer to buy a new mattress- but I am sure there will be several people who say 'I had second hand and it was fine'..and the chances are, you will be.
    There is a small possibility of an increased risk of cot death with second hand matresses:, when looking at cases of SIDS- many were sleeping on second hand matresses although there is not enough information to back it up and very little evidence to support it.

    I would just like knowledge that my matress is all new and clean
  17. i've bought most stuff second hand off ebay due to my OH being out of work, the three biggest examples being:
    - mamas & papas ultima £35 (was over £800 in the shop at the time)
    - babystyle oyster with colour pack £90 (nearly £300)
    - car seat & base £25 (£215) (i know people don't recommend this but i knew the teacher i bought it off and knew it hadn't been in a crash, dropped or damaged and was less than a year old)
    i bought a new cot bed off ebay but that's only because it was on half price and there wasn't a second hand one within 50 miles of me (£130 for a new pine one with sprung mattress). his clothes are mainly second hand too - 70 newborn and 0-3 items for £12.50 for example.
    babies deserve love and care, not designer gear and expensive stuff. they don't know whether it's second hand or not. i can't understand my friend who is moaning about how she can't afford long on maternity (only 6 weeks then SMP) but she's just spent over a grand in mothercare on a travel system and some furniture.
  18. No - her brother sneaks down in the night and climbs in with her. But he's banned since he broke the cot...... So now he just collects all the cuddlies in the house and fills the cot with them (on top of her).
  19. It's a matter of priority - I bought my pram new as I walk most places (only driven twice in 2 weeks), but got loads of other stuff given, second hand or free! Clothes, bumbo, toys, moses basket, booster seat for eating at all second hand. Also on a tangent got two 1960's style dining chairs for a fiver from our local charity shop - so much cheaper than anywhere and unusual!

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