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How do you ensure Art objectives are being covered?

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by joli2, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. joli2

    joli2 New commenter

    Two words: planning and assessment

    Or dobyou mean in Primary? It would be helpful to be more specific.
  2. We work with a Assessment Objectives checklist in KS4 and 5 - our ingredients for the final piece. Everyone has to have these ingredients into each project.
    If students miss sections out, then they are asked to complete them as otherwise it will be difficult to allocate them any marks. One way that does seem to work is to revisit an assessment objective a couple of times in a project so that there are elements of the assessment objectives.
    When marking the students work these areas are highlighted as incomplete and students are advised to come in at lunch or after school to complete them.
    For Assessment Objective 2 and 3, I learnt recently on a course, that if you work small students can achieve more experiments and tests related to their studies, and students feel more empowered and confident in their learning if the work is done in this way. Having tried it during last term I must say I am pleased with the results, as are the students because they are able to manipulate materials and techniques more quickly to give them a test and a meaningful one at that. Rather than making them on A4 paper that does take more time.
    I have also applied this to their observational drawing work - small paper. Then looked at different artists' styles which the students have then applied to their small scale work, with outstanding effects. The students after all the tests and experiments will then make a final large scale drawing and apply the artist technique and media of their choice to their final work.
    When I am a bit further ahead I will put the lesson plans along with the students work to show their results.
    Good luck with your planning and assessment. I hope that the above was of some use to you.

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