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How do you deal with a sauna of a classroom in this weather?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by rugby_gal06, May 23, 2012.

  1. Just curious really, how do you deal with extremely hot classrooms in this weather? Apart from investing in a couple of really powerful fans.
    The children look hot, the windows and doors are open and there is no air coming in to cool anyone down. The last thing they want to do is work...

  2. Low self-esteem is possibly an issue in some classes but the three in my class were bright red in the face and clearly uncomfortable. They happily took them off when asked. I didn't push it but actually, it just wasn't something they had thought of doing. We all make them change for PE, regardless of self-esteem, and ask them to remove their jumpers in doing so. We also make them participate in activities that they might not want to join in with, whether that's PE, writing, Maths or perfoming on a stage so I don't really see a problem. If a child isn't writing enough, I ask them to write more. If they aren't speaking loudly enough in a performance, I ask them to speak up. If they are hot, I ask them take off a jumper.
  3. polly2

    polly2 New commenter

    Tell me about it, my room is like a furnace. The minute I get in I open the windows at both sides and this usually helps keep the room cool. Hate it when the kids ask me to shut the window.
  4. I have to agree here - I would rather the children were not overheating, and have insisted mine take off their jumpers a few times this year, but we do have a very hot classroom!!
  5. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    I have encouraged teachers to take students outside into areas of shade for subjects where ever possible.
    For this week I have allowed all the students to wear their PE kit all day when in the classroom.
    More lessons in the hall as it is cooler.
    I have planned some exciting investigations for all clases using ice balloons where the children get to play with ice.
    I have encouraged teachers to spend more time on the subjects which sometimes get neglected throughout the year (OAA, PSHCE - Team Building, Art and D&T).
    Be calm with the students. It is not their fault you are hot and flustered in the classroom.
    The last two days I have brought in ice lollies for all the staff to have at lunchtime.
    Enjoy the weather....it never lasts
  6. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    Good ideas from brighton56 (presumably a Head? ) Must be nice to work in your school.
    One Head I worked for also allowed pupils to wear their PE kit to keep cooler and I've done lessons outside in the past.
  7. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    Only an Acting Head....although I do have my fingers crossed for the permanent position. Interviews next month...eek!
    I get very annoyed when I visit schools where staff are wearing barely anything in the classrooms because of the heat but students are still wearing school trousers and polo shirts!
  8. Despite the TA saying it was too hot today I took the children out (not my regular class) , onto the field and sat in the shade of a lovely big tree. A breeze was blowing, we read a story and everyone was much cooler and calmer at the end. Sometimes we just have to stop and do something different. It helps!
  9. I turn on the eco fresh air system we have - amazingly cool fresh air comes in!!!
  10. Our classrooms were incredibly hot - full wall of windows. The Head Teacher sat in my classroom doing my Performance Management and wilted. Air-con installed shortly after in those classrooms. Bliss!! The children look forward to coming in after a sunny hot playtimeand dinner-time
  11. cazzielou

    cazzielou New commenter

    The first day it was really hot my class were getting changed after PE and some children took it upon themselves to make paper concertina fans. Then the other children started doing them too. Usually I would stop them doing things like this as they shouldn't be doing it in lesson time but they were so hot the next lesson would have been a nightmare anyway. I let them carry on and soon all children wanted to make one so some of the children that knew how to do it were going round and helping the others, quite sweet to see really, a lesson in teamwork and fine motor skills plus they took initiative and were cooler by the end of it, a lesson well spent I say. It helped for the rest of the week too as they kept them in their trays and were allowed to get them out in the afternoon lessons!
  12. wow... wish I worked in your school! You sound like my kind of colleague! And what brilliant ideas......
  13. sparklepig2002

    sparklepig2002 Star commenter

    it was 32 degrees in my muisc room this week, with all window and doors open and 2 fans on. awful. I know there is a legal lower temp limit, is there a higher one? I think 32 degrees is just to hot. The highest it hit last year was 35 degrees.
  14. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    forget polo shirts, there are still stupid heads who demand shirts and ties done up to the nth button. In several cases this is only applied to<u> male</u> pupils and <u>male</u> staff.
    Amazing that schools think it is still acceptable to have different uniform policies for different genders.
    I have had to pointedly refuse to wear a tie during hot weather (3 summers ago springs to mind while teaching ICT in a none air conned room) and have a stand up row with a deputy head (female, wearing open toe sandles and a summer dress). I felt i rather won the arguement when another member of staff was ambulanced off with heat stroke for one of the other ict rooms!
    In a previous school they were enforcing blazer wearing through the end of term summer assembly, while the enforces again wore dresses and bare legs.
    what a stupid system we work in at times!
    note, none of this was in a primary school!
  15. brighton56

    brighton56 Occasional commenter

    I do agree with you Hammie, however at the risk of sounding pedantic with clothing...shirt and tie is in my opinion actually cooler than a thick cotton polo shirt. The school shirts are especially quite thin. When the weather is VERY hot then I do think students should be able to undo their top button and roll their sleeves up. Blazers are out of the question in this heat...that is just ludicrous.
    I ALWAYS wear a shirt and tie and even on the hottest days I will wear at least a smart shirt. I am more lenient on my staff dress code in hot weather but the same rules apply to staff and students (male or female).
    Being an ex-Secondary school ICT teacher I completely sympathise with the working conditions you endure.
    So far I have only had to speak to two members of staff about inappropriate dress and they were two male teachers! Two young teachers who both play a lot of sport were wearing extremely short shorts and no t-shirts on the side of the swimming pool this week. I had to remind the guys that if they were not 'in' the pool then they should be wearing a t-shirt and I also had to point out that too many of my staff were taking detours via the pool to have a gaze. On the upside all the drooling from the female staff meant that we did not lose the water level we usually do from evaporation. That is one way to survive the budget cuts.
    I think we have seen the last of the hot weather for the time being.
    Let me take the opportunity to wish you all a lovely half term break.
  16. Ooooh I have air con too! On eof the main reasons I'll be staying there. Kids no longer too hot and irritable. Stress free-well apart from the Y6 leavers play!!

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