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How do they calculate the A level grade?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by satsmarker, Apr 24, 2008.

  1. Edexcel answer:
    Each paper out of 75 is turned into a score out of 100 using a lookup table that is different for each paper.
    The score out of 100 has boundaries 80% A, 70% B etc.
    The total for 3 modules at AS or 6 modules for A Level is used to find the overall grade for the subject.
    AS Maths C1 82% C2 42% M1 65%
    Total 189 Average 63% = C grade overall
  2. Actually, rather than an "average" (by which I think you mean the arithmetic mean), they use a UMS total to determine overall grade.

    So, for AS, the UMS required out of 300 are: E-120; D-150; C-180; B-210; A-240. Double these for A2.

    I concede that, in practical terms, it makes no difference whether you use total or arithmetic mean, but I always explained it to students by using total UMS. By the way, this method is used by ALL exam boards for ALL AS and A2 courses (as far as I am aware).

    How they gwet the UMS scores is an arcane branch of alchemy which involves sheeps' entrails, quicksilver and what percentage pass rates the government want this year...
  3. And have you seen how the new A* grades for A-Level are going to be awarded?
  4. Not yet, I'm not in a post-16 environment right now...
  5. Off the top of my head, they need to get A grades in all AS modules and then get an average of 90 across all modules. I might be wrong, but that's roughly right.

  6. Sounds reasonable - more money for the exam boards then as kids with mid 80s in AS modules will want to resit...
  7. hgxiv

    hgxiv New commenter

    For an A* in A Level Maths they need to get at least 90% across C3 and C4, as well as an A grade overall.

    Maths is unusual in having only two compulsory A2 modules; in other subjects (including FM) they will need to get at least 90% across the 3 A2 modules.

  8. Surely it would be easier just to say: "UMS of 540 = A at A-level." rather than all this deciding which modules are more or less important?

    So, for your straight A-level student, the message is: "Make sure your C3 and C4 are top notch, you can let the M1/S1/D1 you do in Year 13 slide a bit, because nobody cares what you get in that, as long as you get those 90+ in C3 and C4." After all, score of C3-91; C4-92; Applied Module-57 would be good enough for an A*, wouldn't they?
  9. Illumination

    Illumination New commenter

    All A Levels will have A* awarded on the basis of performance in A2 only (http://www.qca.org.uk/qca_4076.aspx)
  10. When is this A* for A2 going to start?
  11. Oops sorry it's 2010 I've read the link now.

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