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How do teachers keep fit?

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by paterboy, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. I am interested to know if many schools have systems in place to help teachers keep fit and look after their health.
  2. And I wrote a work based policy for ours, it too included free gym use - only the rugby bods used it.
    4 years later they added a £10 admin charge - and the staff/women only times are rammed!
    Go figure!
  3. sportyteach2

    sportyteach2 New commenter

    You may recall an article within The Times Ed. some time ago of increasing obesity levels amongst teaching staff especially within the primary sector. The latter can be especially sedentary and with the copious biscuits and cakes that lurk within staff room as comfort to the long stressful hours of work, you can see the repercussions emerge. Add to that untrained, unskilled teachers leading P.E lessons then you'll see why many schools choose to bring in coaching companies and delegate P.E as PPA cover. So much for the Olympic legacy!
  4. tis true....primary school teachers have big ar**s
  5. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit New commenter

    Looks like I can teach in primary then [​IMG]
  6. I'd rather have a big Ar** than BE a big Ar**, which you clearly are, putting sweeping and insulting statements like that on here.
  7. therunningman

    therunningman New commenter

    At our primary all children complete an 8 minute run twice per week with the aim to run further each time. If they complete the mile course within the 8 minutes they are given a time and the aim is to complete the course in a quicker time each time.

    Whilst I would never say 100% of children love doing it, the majority have really taken the task on board and work really hard to improve each time.

    What they enjoy is that the adults in the school, teaching and non teaching staff are encouraged to join in. There are around half of the staff in the school who regularly join in including most of the teachers.
  8. well thats me told!
  9. Thank you for this. I wouild be interested in reading the article. I would add that Primary Teachers are neither unskilled nor untrained ... simply non specialists.
  10. Detention! x

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