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How do I work out my new salary?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by butterflyscarf17, Feb 7, 2017.

  1. butterflyscarf17

    butterflyscarf17 New commenter


    I am a primary class teacher and have been teaching now for 8 years - this includes one year of supply work and 4 years teaching abroad. In addition to the teaching role, for the last 4 years (whilst living abroad) I have also had paid middle management roles.

    I am moving back to the UK this year and have an interview for a class teacher position this week (hurray!) and have been asked to consider what salary I would need in order to consider joining the school. I'm feeling very out of the loop - how do I work this out?!

    Any advice would be gratefully received!
  2. ThereAreBunniesInMyHead

    ThereAreBunniesInMyHead Occasional commenter

    Tricky question. I guess I would find the old M point salary scales and work out roughly how long you've been teaching in the UK (not sure teaching abroad would count), and try and work out roughly how far up that old scale you would be. Probably somewhere like M4/M5 which would have been anywhere between £27k and £30k I guess. Your middle management experience is great, but unless you're being asked to take on a middle management role at the new school I don't think you can count it towards the salary. It will be hard to find a line that treads carefully between you getting the maximum salary you can get, whilst not making yourself unemployable.
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  3. Piranha

    Piranha Star commenter

    It makes sense for the school to check in advance. There is no simple answer to your question - it is really about what you would be prepared to accept given your circumstances. Somewhere near the top of the Main Scale seems to be appropriate, but you will need to consider whether you can afford to make yourself more employable by asking for less. It is possible, but not certain, that the school would come back to you if you asked for a little more than they were prepared to pay.
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  4. butterflyscarf17

    butterflyscarf17 New commenter

    Thank you for this, all really helpful, I appreciate your feedback!
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  5. butterflyscarf17

    butterflyscarf17 New commenter

    Thanks, the school seem to want to keep their costs down but like you said, I need to think about how low I'm willing to go.
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