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how do i tell my boss

Discussion in 'Personal' started by kangaroo.poop, Jan 4, 2011.

  1. Health insurance wise? I am a bit confused - you pay into the NHS don't you?
    My quibbles are with the NHS - not with teachers!
    I think the German system confuses many - it is not like the US system. Although we do not pay into a central system but into a health insurer (which we can choose) our employer pays half of the contributions (roughly). At the moment the deductions are ca. 15% - 7% is paid by the employer, the rest is paid by the employee (I do not pay the extra one percent, as my health insurer covers it).

  2. And as Theo has mentioned - your pension scheme is something others in the private sector would dream of.
  3. There are final salary schemes in the private sector - some with pretty hefty employer contributions. Generalising private v public is rarely useful.
  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    We are, Theo.
    It remains my opinion that our sick pay is not ungenerous and it's a good deal more generous than the arrangements for many others in the UK.
    If the norm is better elsewhere I'm sure that we gain in other areas and that it all balances out. If utopia existed anywhere I'm sure we'd all know about it.
  5. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    It has become common practice to generalise - a sort of mass amnesia if you like. We're supposed to pretend we don't know that there are all sorts of different schemes in the private sector, including final salary options.

  6. Says who?
    Final salary options in the private sector are not that common - certainly not for the majority.
    Nobody has said that teachers are not entitled to their pension scheme.
    Why are you making it out to be a battle between private/public or between countries?

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    I expect not - I can't pretend to have any expertise in the pension arrangements for all other UK employees.
    Certainly not. Not on this thread anyway. Criticism of teachers' pensions tends not to appear on the personal forum.
    Dunno. I suppose the private sector and other countries' arrangements are pretty irrelevant.

  8. Why?
  9. Not now - it wasn't so rare in the past. I only weighed in 'cos I thought you should amend your post to "some in the private sector would dream of" but then I thought of all our PSAs and non-teaching SFL staff and cleaners and office staff and technicians and realised there were a great deal of public sector workers who would also see a final salary scheme as a dream. That's what made comparisons seem a bit pointless.
  10. anon468

    anon468 New commenter

    Some private sector employers seem to be less than well versed in basic employment law, it would seem.
    My friend (who works for a certain supermarket whose name is an anagram of dial) is bedridden with flu and phoned in sick this morning. Only for them to ring her back and ask her to come in anyway!
    For my part, we are 'allowed' to have 10 days off sick per annum and that's it. If you go over that limit you don't get paid. I guess it's intended to 'discourage' the ubiquitous sickie. [​IMG]
    I'd just have to rely on my savings if I broke my ankle and had to have 6 weeks off. My PHI policy won't pay out until I've been off for 13 weeks (can't afford a shorter term deferred policy).
  11. Some small companies and individuals running businesses don't know the first thing about employment law. Most employees don't either - until they find themselves with a problem. I'm still thinking over the idea of being unfit for work with a broken ankle. I think if it was just that I was immobile I would do some work but I would probably ask for specific tasks rather than any hint of continuing to do my normal duties. If I was off for 6 weeks there would be a supply teacher in and planning, marking etc would be part of their workload not mine. I think the distinction would prevent any pressure being put on people in different circumstances but I'm not sure.
  12. didnt think i would set off this kind of response!
    i rang in an my boss said she would call yesterday, but hasn't done yet. i dont want to get out of touch with anything. right now i am in enough discomfort and only have a half cast which is loosening and i am beginning to get the sensation that i can feel the metal screws and pins that have been added to my leg.
    for the person who said that an adult needs help filling their time needs a slap - you need a slap!
    i dont like tv or really reading either. i like being outside, walking, doing sport, various socialising.
    At the moment i dont have patience for tv and film. I even thought about spending some money on a few treats but cant find anything i want!
  13. oh dear, you are feeling miserable kangaroo - poor you. I can't uderstand anyone who says they don't like reading but each to his/her own...
    You say you like being outside - what do you do when you are outside? Gardening? use this time to plan your garden, or plan your next holiday or walking trips or .....I'm stumped for the moment but I'll try to come up with some more ideas. Give me clue in the meantime as to what you enjoy.


  14. OH said lets book a summer holiday but i don't know how functioanal i will be and i am not sure how much sick pay i am entitled to either.
    i desperately would love to enjoy reading but i just don't seem to have the attention span or interest.
    i like to garden but can't at the moment and have all the seeds ready as i was bought them for xmas.i spend alot of time in the bedroom, my leg is comfy i can have my laptop on and a tv for background noise and sleep when i want. i could start some kind of craft but its not something i would usually ever have an interest in so i'm stumped. OH went out and brought back a load of games for the consoles but i don't seem to have any interest/can't get involved in them.
    it just takes all the time to get washed, get dressed, get something to eat and thats about it.
    i'm not as miserable as i sound but really wish i could get the full pot on then pop out and about

  15. harsh-but-fair

    harsh-but-fair Star commenter

    I suppose that's inevitable if you've gone **** over tip ...
  16. terrible typo there!

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