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How do I get LO to eat anything other than fruit, fromage frais and toast?

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by ellesabe, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. When we started weaning we gave baby rice and veg purée which she did eat but never in any great quantity. However when introduced to fruit and yoghurt she eats like there is no tomorrow and if I try to offer any meat/veg she gets really annoyed and wants to know where the good stuff is! I obviously want her to have a balanced diet and it feels like I've already tried every trick in the book but part of me just wants to give her what she likes as I don't want her to make herself hungry. Will she gradually like meat/veg and what can I do to encourage it?
  2. Have you tried mixing plain yoghurt with her dinner... I know it sounds disgusting but I mixed some in with a lentil daal that she wouldn't touch previously then wolfed it down..
  3. My little one seemed to take forever to get going with weaning. I used to do things like give her one spoon of pudding, one spoon of savoury. Sometimes she'd suss me and refuse, but we got there in the end. I also used sweet potato quite a lot, and for little quantities of meat, packs of sandwich type cooked chicken - also quite sweet really, and not such a waste of time if she refused to eat any. Some of the ella's kitchen pouches are ridiculously sweet and go down quite well. In the end I gave up cooking for her for quite a while to preserve my sanity and stuck to jars and really easy stuff, and then kept trying left overs from our tea. She now eats most things really well, so try not to worry too much. I think they get us a bit too uptight about the dangers of encouraging a sweet tooth.
  4. I second mixing in some yogurt.
    I've made a few savoury recipes with fruit in them -
    was a firm favourite. Sorry, don;t remember how old your little one is.
    Parsnips and sweet potato usually go down well.

    Sometimes when LO is cranky and not wanting to eat I cut up some blueberries in half (makes them go further!) and put one on his tray - he'll usually let me get a sp[oonful of dinner when hand is en route to mouth. Not ideal, but might help.
  5. Have you tried things in cheese sauce? My lo usually likes only the same things as in your title but I have just made some fish in cheese sauce and he absolutely wolfed it!
    (It was just frozen cheapo pollack, microwaved to cook it and mixed into cheese sauce then mashed it up a bit) I think I will find out if you can freeze cubes of cheese sauce then he can have cauliflower, broccoli cheese etc easier, as I don't like making cheese sauce too much stirring!
  6. I've frozen lots of baby foods with cheese sauces and they've been fine on reheating - soemtimes pasta needs a wee bit of milk adding to it.
    as for cubes, googling seems to say slow defrosting in the fridge is best.
  7. Thanks glitterkid!
  8. I really recommend the Annabel Karmel books, she puts fruit in loads of her savory stuff. Sweet potato, chicken and apple is my LO's favourite.
  9. Yes I have tried that and it did gp down quite well but I'm a bit worried that it might just encourage the sweet tooth even more. Today I mixed some chicken and asparagus mush (which she has previously refused) with some pasta spirals which also worked as she prefers finger food.
  10. I would just keep persevering and trying. We had a period where we did the one spoon food, one spoon yoghurt. Try not to get stressed about it though. (though not always easy). Some veg are sweeter, like butternut squash, sweet potato, mangetout, sweet peas... good luck x
  11. Spaghetti Hoops are a big hit here - not that agree with them but if its all he will eat some days then better than nothing! He has those and he has become interested in whats on my plate and likes to try but thats only over the last few weeks. Try not to stress as I'm convinced that is why my LO got so stressed too.
  12. Stumbled across this thread by accident - not sure what the latest 'advice' is but I have brought up four kids so I feel a bit qualified.

    My tips would be don't stress it - if LO is drinking plenty of milk and eating fruit - they will be fine. Introduce new foods casually and gradually.

    Just because they don't like it once don't give up, try again in a couple of weeks. If they are old enough for finger foods, give them bits to try from your plate - they love eating the same things as you and you can then make delicious sounding noises as you eat.
    Don't worry about meat - it is quite difficult for a baby to eat - sometimes they don't like the texture. Keep it light and never show your disappointment when they refuse.

    My eldest son was like your LO - very fussy - but now... he's six foot six and eats everything and I mean everything!

    Your doing great - trust your baby's natural instincts and curiosity and they will eat - I promise!
  13. kittenmittens

    kittenmittens New commenter

    If your LO likes fromage frais maybe try rice pudding- our LO loved the jar rice pudding on holiday. I don't really use jars at home so tried to make some rice pudding and sent OH out to the shops to buy pudding rice, he came home with 5 tins of readymade rice pudding! Doh. My HV said it was ok to give though, I read the label to her over the phone and it's very low in salt and sugar, there is a trace but not much.
    She also loves cheesy mash (Cubes of potato puree left over from first tastes in freezer mixed with grated cheddar) and cauliflower cheese (Cubes of cauliflower mixed with full fat soft cheese). NOw LO is eating dairy products from a range of sources she is happy to have much less milk- 2 1/2 bottles dropped down from 5 a day.

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