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How do I get in touch with a school before April 26th?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by LorelaiVictoria, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Got a long term supply job confirmed on Friday - the school called me and as I'm deaf I asked them to email me in order to confirm the details of what I needed to do to prepare. (It's a year one teaching job, full time til the end of the summer) - It's now Wednesday and I've haven't heard anything. Even more akward is the fact that my supply consultant is on holiday and no one at the agency can find out anything for me.... What do I do??
  2. Check the school website or related links for emails and phone numbers. Just hunt around and also leave some messages so that at least you have tried to contact them (school and agent).
    I think the agent might be in the thursday/friday before term starts, to prepare and to check any further assignments needed by schools. In any case you might be expected/able to plan as and when you have met other teachers and TA's in school as to work, what the children are like, etc.
    Don't worry too much, I would be happy if I was in your shoes. [​IMG]

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