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How do I get a child to sit still?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by larnie, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. Hi
    I have a Year 2 boy who finds it difficult to sit still. He turns round ( usually from the waist) and kneels up when sat on the carpet. I've asked him to stand up, then tried him sat on a chair when the rest of the children are on the carpet but he still fidgets and twists and turns. He is also a regular tell-taler telling over other children when what they have said or done isn't even directed at him! I am constantly having to remind him to put his hand up because he just blurts things (tales) out loud too! What can I do to solve all these issues? Any advice would be gratefully received!
    Thank you!
  2. You may have already tried these strategies:
    If you have a TA get her to sit with him and keep quietly reminding him to do 'good sitting'.
    Use visual prompts (there are some 'good sitting' posters available on ****** - copy these in a smaller size and show them as apropriate to class/child to remind about sitting still).
    Have a sanction for calling out and use with all children. Tell them exactly what it is and use it absolutely consistently. It could be - 1. A warning/reminder (have a visual record of this such as writing child's name on the board). 2. Sit out away from group for 3 minutes (with sand timer, on specific 'thinking' chair). 3. Go to another class.
    Use a reward card specifically for sitting quiet and still during carpet times with this child.
    Remind this child before each carpet session that you do not want him to call out. If he notices someone doing something wrong he is only allowed to tell you at the end of the carpet time. Make some time at the end for him to tell you!
    Try to ignore any episodes of calling out, but let him know you are 'ignoring it' eg say " I can hear that someone has forgotten about being quiet on the carpet. I am not going to listen to that person. I am very pleased with x, y and z who are sitting quietly".
    If child calls out have the good sitting picture ready to show him, but try not to do eye contact and try not to let your delivery to the class falter.
    Lots of praise, on the carpet and at other times, for good behaviour.


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