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How do I find a job share partner?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by rascal7, Jan 9, 2007.

  1. I am an NQT but only want to work part time. Any ideas on how to find a job share partner and do you think schools would welcome two for the price of one applications?
  2. I am an NQT but only want to work part time. Any ideas on how to find a job share partner and do you think schools would welcome two for the price of one applications?
  3. nosignoflife

    nosignoflife Occasional commenter

    It can be diffcult to find a jobshare partner. Flexecutive http://www.flexecutiveclient.co.uk/education/default.asp have a search for jobshare partner facility which might be useful.
    I've got some info on jobsharing at www.managemyworkload.co.uk which you might find useful. Some schools will be more open than others, you've got more chance if your present yourselves as a team. Also jobshares are occassionally advertised if one half of the share leaves, as it was in my case.
    Good luck!
  4. nosignoflife

    nosignoflife Occasional commenter

    Forget what I said about flexecutive, I mailed them to ask about my password and got this reply;

    "I am afraid that we are in the process of closing down the education
    I would recommend TES website or eteach.

    Thanks for using the website and good luck in your future job hunting "
    Shame because they had some excellent resources for jobsharing, I've got an archive link on the website. Perhaps I should consider putting something like that on it?
  5. nosignoflife

    nosignoflife Occasional commenter

    Sorry, by "like that" I mean a potential job sharing notice board? Don;t know if anyone else knows of one?
  6. frustum

    frustum Star commenter

    When I was first looking for part-time I rang a couple of schools who were advertising full-time posts and asked if they would consider part-time or job-share. One said it depended who else applied. The other said they'd consider job-share if had a partner to apply with (HoD was furious when he discovered this later, as he hadn't been consulted and would have been more welcoming).

    Are you primary/secondary? I think with secondary in particular, a post may be advertised as full-time mainly because they think they'll get more applications that way; sometimes when confronted with a part-timer applying, they realise that with some re-jigging of people teaching second subjects, that would be enough.
  7. I have been wondering about this. I have been registered with Flexecutive for ages, but with no luck at all. I do feel that you stand more chance if you have someone to apply with, but how do you find them? It opens up all the full time posts if you do have a partner. Part time posts rarely seem to come up, at least I don't see many advertised - yet if you ask around most schools have p/t teachers. I think someone could do to start up some kind of site where you could search for a partner, or 'advertise' yourself.

    OP - what area do you live in? What age range do you want to teach?
  8. Thanks all for the info. I am a Primary NQT teacher and can't believe it a local school is advertising for part time job share teacher - will apply along with the other 1000's of unemployed teachers in Devon!!! Think the idea about setting up a site is brill anyone know how to go about it?
  9. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    Where in Devon are you Rascal as I would like a job share too and am also an NQT?
  10. I, too, would be interested in finding a job share partner . . . but how? I want to return to teaching after a 4-year career break (at home raising my daughter). I just sent off an application for a full-time job at a local school and asked in the cover letter if they would be willing to consider part-time or a job share. All my instincts are telling me that it was a waste of time, that if they advertise full-time they want full-time. I felt that at least if I sent a cover letter and CV, I'd stand more chance of being considered than if I just rang up.

    In the meantime I need some money, but I'm not getting much success hunting for stop-gap jobs, no interviews even. The local pet shop won't even hire me. Seems everyone else thinks that if I'm a teacher, I belong in a school. I just don't know how I'm going to find part-time work in one.

    So how do all those other part-timers get jobs? Do they tend to be people who were originally working there full-time?

    Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

  11. Hi Plymouth Maid - I take it from the name you are in Plymouth I am in Exeter and guess what - there is a job share vacancy in a local school... only temp but anything would be a start. Will apply along with the other 100 or so that apply for every job going in Exeter.. wish me luck
  12. I'm in Leicester, if anyone happens by from this area and is interested in doing a job share . . .
  13. I am looking for a part-time NQT post in secondary science in Hampshire. Is anyone out there reading this interested in a job share? Or know how I can find others who might be? I've got 2 schools that have encouraged me to apply for full-time posts although I've said I'll only work part-time, but I suspect I haven't got much chance unless someone else in the same position applies. One school said they couldn't do it with an NQT post because of it prolonging the induction year.


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