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How do I explain it?

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by fabulous1, Mar 27, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone,
    I'm currently waiting upon a Compromise Agreement to be finalised. I've been teaching for 18 years ,but the past three have been truly awful and I've decided that I cannot ,in any circumstances, return to teaching. My problem is that any financial settlement I gain will not last long(I'm not expecting much!!!) and I do need to support my family ( I already feel guilty at placing them in a precarious financial position- we will have to sell our lovely house !!). I always had great relationships with the kids and ,for me, this was by far the best aspect of the job. I would like to apply for teaching assistant posts for September as I reckon a lower salary but on an, at least 12 month, contract, is preferable to sporadic supply- but how do I go about persuading potential heads that I would make a fantastic TA? and how do I go about explaining that I want out of teaching after 18 years?? Any advice,as ever, would be great

  2. greta444

    greta444 New commenter

    I would go along the lines of wanting a better work/life balance. You can offer so many skills, we wouldn't have any problem employing a teacher as a T.A. Did do a stint as a T.A. myself for a while. It was nice...
  3. I feel so sorry for you as I know what it is like having to leave the job you once loved but having to pretend the reason you left wasn't the real reason.
    After a CA I did some cover work, but was 'discovered' some months later by previous HT who put the knife in and concequently I was hounded out of the school I was happy in. After that I left teaching, returning to a support staff role in a different area.
    My story to others and to prospective employers was that I found teaching taking over my life and that it was affecting my marrage and family life because I was working evenings and weekends ie work-life balance. There certainly was a lot of truth in that statement too. All I get in reply to this is an understanding nod and no more questions (well sometimes "would you go back to teaching?")
    Quite honestly, I now enjoy being able to leave work and not think about it until the next day. Unfortunately the money is rubbish now!
  4. Out of curiosity learned friends, if you were given a CA (with agreed reference) BUT didn't work for 2 years but then returned to teaching, would this agreed reference still be needed / valid after several yeas? It's just food for thought for me? I don't have to work but would eventually get bored and know that I would want to retun to teaching - hence my question. thanks in adviance.
  5. P.S. - I have realsied how early it is in the morning but have literally woken up from a dream with my HT shouting at me!!! Bizarre - and I thought I was on the road to recovering - arggggg
  6. We have two TAs who were teachers - their reasons were family/work life balances. Our Head was happy to employ them. Good Luck.
  7. can I please bump this up - how long is an agreed reference really valid for - 1year, 2 years - until an employer would want a more updated one?
  8. As the school giving the interview asks for the main reference to be from your last head teacher, the agreed reference lasts for as long as the the school you got the CA from is your 'last school'. Understand? So if you get a cover job/ TA position etc that school is now your last school and the CA school is no longer asked for a reference. Just put some distance, in terms of 'previous positions' between the school you had the problem with and the job you want to apply for. Good luck!

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