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How do I cross the threshold for the first time? :o)

Discussion in 'Professional development' started by sketcher, Jun 13, 2009.

  1. sketcher

    sketcher New commenter

    I'm currently on MPS 5 and looking to cross the threshold next year. Can anyone help out with how to do it.
    My head told me it relies purely on the results my class gets each year. Whether I'm getting value added. Surely this is not so.
    Any help will be appreciated. Thanks

  2. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    You can tell your head next year that you wish to be considered for Threshold by September 2010. By then you will have visited www.tesfaq.co.uk and, hopefully, so will your head, who has little idea, apparently.
  3. I am having so much trouble trying to pass the threshold this year!! so I have handed in my notice for retirement!! As a part time teacher I wasn't encouraged to pass by my previous head, and that didn't worry me as I was getting lots of supply. But with the new head that vanished and I was fast approaching retirement age. New head told me (suggested!!) to apply last year.Then changed her mind and said to leave it for a year till she knew me better! OK so I have done 3 drafts and as it is my last chance got her to look through them - we are a very small school so she is my line manager! each time she gives it back she changes the goal posts! I have one last session with her. She now says I have the 'core' elements, but not the P ones. having given a lot of free time to the school, coming in to hear reading and practise shows etc plus doing as much as I can being only 0.3 with only one Lit and Maths sessions a week, things like assessment etc are not always done by me. Two friends who are teachers say that without having seen me teach what I have written so far is great!!! Please, please any suggestions onwhat i should do very welcome. - a lot of my 'evidence' has to be word of mouth - support from other staff! thanks (can evidence from more than two years be taken into account!)
  4. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Threshold is NOT decided on Value Added data. It is possible to pass Threshold even if you are in an Advisory role and have no specific pupil data to call into evidence.
    It is possible to use evidence from more than the previous 2 years but you need to look at the full Threshold rules (on TDA.gov.uk). If you have had gaps in employmenet, for insyance, you can go back more than 2 years, using teaching placements that , combined, add up to 2 yearss (whether f/t or p/t). If you have no breaks in employment and are p/t, you can only use the 2 year period up to the date when you sign the forms.
    Passing Threshold should have nothing to do with whether the Head knows you well. If that were a criteria it would be discriminatory for teachers who 'inherit' a new head just before or just after submitting an application.
    You make statements to show how you meet Core and Post Threshold (P)standards and you indicate the evidence for your claims. The Head can access your performance Management file and can ask to see the evidence you have quoted .. and can call you in for a talk about the application.
    I am awaiting a decision on my application nad I've been on supply, covering various subjects on longer-term contracts and doing general supply cover. The Threshold course I went on(funded by the LEA) made it clear that I was as eligible as any teacher, even though I did not have the usual data or performance management. I was advised to accentuate the particular strengths developed on supply. I have done the best I can with the application and a lot of the claims I made will just have to be taken on trust. The Head overseeing my application has never seen me teach and has had little contact with me over the years that I have regularly supplied at the school. If I don't pass, i will expect clear indications of the areas that need extra evidence. What worries me is that the procedure for Threshold is changing in September and will be linked to performance Management. How are supply teachers going to be able to apply for Threshold when Performance Management is never available to them?
  5. I went through Threshold last yr , so I can't comment on the new changes. I felt it was a hugely time consuming process. I worked hard to gather evidence from the two schools I worked at over the two year period of evidence gathering. I then found out that the evidence and form were optional. I was understandably miffed. Having to justify myself and skills made me feel like an NQT all over again, but it was rewarding to see my achievements and impact, as a teacher and leader in print!
    Good luck!

  6. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Who told you that the application form was optional? The application form is the current route through Threshold. That changes from Sept 2009 but anyone eligible to apply in Round 9 and eligible for backdation (if they are currently on 2nd year of M6 pay ) will miss out on a possible 2,500 pounds if they delay applying until after 1st Sept 2009
  7. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    At my sister's school, 4 teachers are applying to go through Threshold in Round 9. One submitted a detailed application. The Head then spoke to the other 3 and told them not to go overboard with the form. They were all assured that they would be passed through Threshold and were told to simply complete the forms so that the required paperwork was on file.
    It seems that the expeprience of undergoing Threshold is as variable as that of Induction, where some candidates are 'rubber-stamped' and others have to jump through all sorts of hoops.
  8. very confused by threshold at the moment- just beginning to get my head around it. I have just completed M5 so want to start putting together an application asap. I have enough evidence I hope- been SENCo for 2 years and KS coordinator. I don't understand the rounds- will I be in round 9 if I apply this autumn term-where do I get the forms from? Help appreciated
  9. becktonboy

    becktonboy New commenter

    If Rounds still exist, you will be eligible to pass through the threshold in Round 11, 2010-11, ie you must complete 1 year on M6. Let your head know you wish to be considered for September 2010. The evidence will be your PM reviews from this year and next, not an application form. Try to ensure that your reviewer includes the word 'successful' in the final review statement.
  10. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    As you will be on M6 from Sept 2009. you will be eligible to apply for Thrteshold in the 2009-2010 school year (by 31st August 2010).
    However, you can relax and forget about filling in forms as Threshold will be assessed in a different way for Round 10 onwards. The Head will use your last two performance Management reviews.
    If you pass Threshold in your first year on M6, you will progress to UPS from 1st sept 2010.
  11. Thankyou for both replies. That helps a lot- no form filling!
  12. Just re read the posts from bectonboy and jubilee. Do I need to complete a full year on M6 as the earlier post suggests I then apply for round 11 or can I let my headteacher know that this year I want to be considered as I begin on M6-would it then be round 10? Sorry- not clear how the rounds work. I know I won't be paid the extra (if successful) until September 2010, just want to get through the process as soon as possible. Thanks
  13. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You are eligible to apply for Threshold in the school year in which you go onto M6. a SUCCESSFUL APPLICATION IN THAT FIRST YEAR ON m6 ENSURES THAT YOU SERVE ONE YEAR ON m6 and then progress to UPS1 in the following school year.
  14. Thanks Jubilee...your advice is appreciated. I will let my headteacher know in september that I want to be considered in round 10. Hopefully there is enough evidence in my PM reviews- the targets tend to be quite simple. I hope they reflect the fact that I have met all the post threshold standards.
  15. Oh I feel so much happier that I'm not the only confused one! I was asked by a member of SLT if I wished to be considered. Had no clue where to start, the advice on here should be really helpful. Tbh, didn't know this forum existed! Have been very confused since the site changed, can't even seem to make the search engine work [​IMG]
  16. sparklyrainbowfish

    sparklyrainbowfish New commenter

    Can anyone come up with an answer for this one for me:
    I'm going onto M6 in September, and so want to be sorting out threshold asap. I spent 2008 -2009 at one school, and the summer term 2008 at the same school. I was at a different school in autumn 2007 and spring 2008. So: two schools in my past two years.
    Next week I'm moving to a new school (the third one). Incidentally an academy (does that make a difference?).
    I know the new procedures relate to PM from the previous two years. However, my PM from last year will not have been reviewed as I'm moving to a new school; ditto the one from the previous year. I know I met my targets - but there is nothing official to say so.
    How am I meant to prove I am eligible to pass threshold?
    I have yet to read any guidance which can help with this.


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