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How do i become a Maths Teacher from teaching in a Vocational FE college?

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by Betamale, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. Hi Rob
    You dont need any qualifications in maths beyond a C grade or equiv for QTS the last time I checked.
    What you do need though is multi layered.
    You need to have an ITT provider who can see beyond a very basic qualification you have in a specialist subject.
    You need to be confident at delivering the curriculum which doesnt require a piece of paper but the more you know the better.
    Can you explain things to the weakest GCSE pupils? can you motivate? control behaviour and inspire kids. If so then the level of maths knowledge will levelled from there.
    You will hit many a brick wall though if you state you want to teach maths with such a basic qualification despite what you may know.

  2. Thank you for your advise.
    Is it worth taking a Distance Learning course in A Level maths then. They are advertising them for about £350 which seems very cheap. If that going to be the difference between getting the job and not then am i better off getting it?
    What do you mean Multi Layered?
    I will come out with QTLS status not QTS. I'm hoping there is a bridging course which allows me to switch or am I way off target. Or is it recognised as the same qualification where teaching Maths is concerned.
    I do not want to waste time doing courses that i do not need although i do enjoy learning new skills. What would you do in my situation. Is it worth approaching a school now to switch and let them train me up?
    I'm still abit confused as to what my best move is now !
  3. On the distance learning, no I wouldnt touch one. Most dont include exam bookings or fees and the support can vary hugely.
    You are better of with some good used books, The Student Room Forum, youtube and the net IMO.
    Some booster courses are good to have on paper and some teach you good maths, others less so.
    I personally would apply for an unqualified teachers job and do a GTP but thats my approach. You may find it hard to get a foot in the door though with a limited CV
  4. Do you mean teach myself the A Level Maths using books as then put myself in for the exam or is it acceptable to retake a GCSE higher paper and gain an up to date qualification at that level. What is the best way to go? How rare are unqualified teacher roles? Is it best to start looking now?
  5. KYP

    KYP New commenter

    Can I turn your question round? You haven't said what 'subject' you are qualified to teach. (I know that technically once you are qualified to teach, you are qualified to teach any subject.) But let's say I had got a Level 2 qualification in your subject (that was only half a GCSE) - if you were looking at the application forms, would I be on the shortlist for a job if I applied?
    We have a learning facilitator supporting (not teaching) our GCSE students who has A Level Maths. To get on to a PGCE in Maths education, you would probably need at least a maths-related degree. There are conversion courses, but the course at Birmingham states: "All applicants to the SKE course must hold a degree or equivalent
    qualification (preferably with some mathematics content) and you will
    have an A-level (or equivalent) in mathematics
    . In addition to this you
    will be required to have a grade C in GCSE mathematics and English, or
    equivalent. The DfE require us to check the original certificates; you
    therefore cannot start an SKE course with the intention to progress to a
    PGDipEd(QTS) course unless you already hold these qualifications."
    My suggestion would be to get teaching experience in your own subject and alongside that get a maths qualification that would get you accepted on a conversion course. Perhaps you could get some experience in FE teaching Numeracy/Functional Skills. Others may have different advice.
  6. Hey, We are in a similar boat.
    As a Music teacher (PGCE last year) the GTP will not fund me to study on the maths conversion course.
    Had i applied for the conversion course prior to PGCE they would have funded me..... :(

    I got a B at GCSE and have been teaching maths as a cover supervisor which has been very interesting. I am considering taking the GCSE (which I will revise thoroughly for on bitesize) and surely come out with an A*

    Then consider A-level (depending upon feedback)

    Have you been offered any advice recently?

    Much appreciated
  7. Jon's comments really sadden me.

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